Xbox conference - LIVE

CVG: Live reporting starts at 6PM BST

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negrito2112839d ago

Dont watch it guys thats 1:30 of my life ill never get back

Awookie2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Haha seriously what a horrible conference, the only game ill get for 360 this year is Halo and even that wasn't impressive

Hellsvacancy2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Did look 2 b bit of a snoozer, i had a quick scan through the live blog there was nothin of any interest imo

Shadow Flare2839d ago

question: was milo shown at e3? I haven't heard anything of it yet. And I WONDER WHY.......

They had so much confidence in it last year, and apparently last year it was "science fiction that works. Today. Now". Well like i've been saying for ages, thats absolute BS. If they couldn't even get natal to work this year, last years was even faker.

Sony fans were right yet again

tplarkin72839d ago

The event was very impressive. They showed a ton of new stuff that appealed to both hardcore and casual gamers. Natal (Kinect) has exceeded my expectations.

SuperStrokey11232839d ago

Is this a joke? It must be as no one that actually saw or has a brain would say something like that.

blind-reaper2839d ago

I didn´t watch the conference, but does anybody know if the old regular 360s will be discontinued, if I´m right it may be a good time to grab one for the cheap.

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Cherchez La Ghost2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

The could have came better than this. And they could have least had a price drop also. New design. Yes. Same old price?! No.

Shadow Flare2839d ago

thats whats gonna kill it. The main reason the ps3 slim sold well was because it got the price cut everyone wanted. But the 360 slim has actually increased in price? LOL! So what are people gonna buy, a $299 console that has dvd or a $299 console that has bluray. And new games. And a motion controller that works perfectly.

...its a tough one.....

necksnappa2839d ago

how is it live it already happened

negrito2112839d ago

LOL man im so speechless right not i cant stop laughing. man all that hype back fired LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.