5 reasons to love Kinect

Cynamite attended the Kinect event yesterday and lists 5 reasons to love Kinect (formerly Project Natal).

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Omega42780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

All this hate reminds me of when Nintendo first revealed the Revolution


No I dont think it will be like the Revolution but people should give it a chance instead of attacking it over and over

I LOVE GAMES2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

do you really think that Kinect is going to be like Nintendo Revolution??

Wrathman2780d ago

just keep in mind..MS isnt selling this to any of us fans decided they werent buying last year.and i know ill get 1 bought to me at xmas.

if you showed that to some1 that didnt own any console..or maybe just a wii..they'd be sold.

sony girls know this..thus the FEARRRRRRRR

mrv3212780d ago

Sony people decided they weren't buying it last year BECAUSE they had an incline it'd be a failure. I mean what did Microsoft show at last years E3? NOTHING.

Sony showed various genres working with Move.... and then came BAM.

trounbyfire2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

and then they started to like it more. so don't act like the world is crashing around microsoft. they still have the press conference with games people want.

need bubble

what the hell with the disagrees. I said nothing negative in this comment

captain-obvious2780d ago

it reminds me of when the PS3 lunched
remember that ?
when you and your troll friends were all like " SONY IZ THE DOOOOOMZ"
oh boy how the table turned

Hellsvacancy2780d ago

Oh it was a time of great sadness, but havnt the cards changed hand this time round? as Duff-Man would say "OH YEAH"

N4PS3Fanboys2780d ago

Well, they are still in dead last place with no sign of catching up, but they're definitely better off now than they were in 2006.

Shadow Flare2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

But they've been outselling 360 ever sinced the ps3 launched. 360 has been in 3rd place in monthly worldwide sales since launch.

Try again.

candystop2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Well Sony is still in third so in a way they doomed themselves.

edit shadowflare: Yeah we've been hearing about Sony selling more consoles for years now. Funny thing is they still haven't caught up and if Kinetic is priced well with newer 360's that 4 year trend will reverse. lol...In two more years you guys are still going to be saying PS3 is selling more but still in 3rd place which is odd.

The Wood2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

then keep it coming cause doomed sure is more enjoyable than 2nd with a lack of direction

candystop2780d ago

That's an opinion silly guy and believe me there are millions who don't agree. Playing games with the best graphics is much more agreeable but still opinion. Hate to say this but the lack of full Live features in your precious PS3 games make them all feel incomplete.

The Wood2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

those goty's sure were spoiled because of the the lack of x game chat ¬_¬

Even if i used that stupid meta site it shows the ps3 has come out on top (forgive me for using that crap) either way the ps3 hasnt had a year like the 360's 09 apart from its launch half year and thats what im init for.....anyway what were you playing online anyway...please dont say gears cause it still lags and yes i have an elite. Snoopy rocks btw

Oh you shouldnt call out others all the time when you also make dumb ass think i care about sony being in last if it means i continue to get more variety, free online and better point went well over your head mate cause I know sony dont care about my life so i own them nothing. If i cant afford my rent sony wont come to my aid but what they do better than MS and Nintendo IN MY OPINION is they give me more games that are just better and thats why im init so again, ill take more 'doom' umkay

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Jamie Foxx2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

wii, why wont ms?why was the games pre-recorded at their conference?sony have let the masses play the move even though motion controls are a bit late now for sony and ms

omega remember your posts of how natal will rule e3?

N4PS3Fanboys2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Maybe late for Sony, but not for Microsoft. Kinect is a completely new, hands-free motion control experience, and it is sure to have record breaking sales just like the Wii, which continues to outsell the 360 and PS3 to this day. Who knows? The 360 might be outselling the Wii at this same time next year if Kinect becomes the next big thing, which looks to be very likely. Microsoft does expect to sell 5 million units just in the last few months of 2010 alone.

Jamie Foxx2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )


@cez, so real gamers have had a chance to play 'star wars'? please provide the links of ign etc playing the games that was demoed at ms e3 conference yesterday, thanks cez look forward to the great read then i will apologise to you

Inside_out2780d ago

@ Jamie...The games demonstrated is available for everyone to play...Many have already...Maybe if you spent a little time investigating instead of hating you wouldn't be so ignorant...

Kinect will sell millions. We haven't even seen anything, milo...just warming up...remember it comes out in November ( so they say )....

I hope they include that outdoors game with the bundle...that looks to be alot of fun...walk on co-op with the wave of a hand looks awesome as well...Presentation in a couple of Xbox...exclusives...M$ Rocking it hard...

raWfodog2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

@jamie: He can't reply back. He's out of bubbles.

FragMnTagM2780d ago

From what I have seen and read, all the launch Natal games will be playable on the show floor. Your comment fails.

If you are talking about the Star Wars games, then of course it is not playable as it is most likely not ready to demo yet.

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PLAYstar2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Hey are some of you here dumb-blindfolded?! You comparing a PS3 to a POS?? The different between them is that the PS3 shows that its potentially functional while that POS is all scripted videos with poor acting.. SO tell me how are their stands situation even relative?

Why didn't this article just get to the point?
The only reason to love Kinect is when you receive a M$ paycheck.

Omega62780d ago

Why should we give it a chance? Seriously, Omega, just fall on a rusty screwdriver. YOUR A MORON. We are the hardcore gamers, why should we pay an ounce of attention to something designed for NOOBS. ONE WORD:
M T V. Omega, you are lame.

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BeaArthur2780d ago

Yeah, pass. I don't like motion controls as it is but Kinect seems like a total POS.


to Kinect's retardware.
What will M$ come up with next?

ingiomar2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

thats not lag its prerendered -.-

It means that its a video and the guy is just trying to mimic the movements from the video.. which he obviously failed in


M$ is a bunch of BS when it comes to making new hardware

playnation2780d ago

wow ppl should stop posting that video, i makes u look like idiots.
the character moves first than the player lol, unless the game controls the player... is that so?... hahaha

mrv3212780d ago

I completely agree, why should people be upset about Microsoft effectively lying about what it can do? Why should people get upset if they are sold on something and THEN it turns out to be fake?

thor2780d ago

lol MINUS 500ms of lag right there XD

Tony-A2780d ago

Yeah, I can't believe they even tried to have people act like it was the actual game. It would have been much better off with just the trailer and not the guy trying to mimic what's on screen.

I can do that, too. And I don't have to pay in the hundreds to do it...

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