Vanquish has 'essence of Resi 4' - Mikami

Vanquish has some of the 'essence' of Resident Evil 4, according to superstar designer and Resi creator, Shinji Mikami.

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Rikitatsu2932d ago

Vanquish coming from the same creators, This is not surprising.

dgroundwater2932d ago

I really hope this isn't just marketing speak. This game has insane potential as a great new offline shooter. The TPS genre hasn't really evolved lately either. Gears and Uncharted are both just going through the motions at this point, and I hope the 'rocket legs' gameplay make this game the one to beat.

The fact they admit they "know less about making games for PS3" shows they have learned from their mistakes too.

asyouburn2932d ago

the question is, is it gonna melt your face, or melt your face with a foot up your a$$

Ryuha1234h2932d ago

RE4 was the best 3rd person shooter I played last generation and this Vanquish game looks even better.