Nyko reveals E3 2010 lineup

Nyko has revealed their lineup of Playstation 3 products that will be displayed at E3 2010.

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-Mezzo-2897d ago

I want the Boomerang Controller Design.

Double Toasted2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Thats sweet! Thanks Nyko, you have answered my prayers ;p

Edit: Chrono...the Raven controller?
Edit: dirthurts...because thats the reason many people, especially people I know, won't buy a PS3...because of the controller. I seriously believe this will help move even more PS3s of shelves. I want to try this out...

Sarick2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Dreamgear has been selling 360 type controllers for PS3's a long time.

Main page.

movements2897d ago

Yeah, looks sweet indeed.

ChronoJoe2897d ago

What looks sweet? there's nothing new there aside the docking stations.

MGOelite2897d ago

they swapped anaglogue sticks with the d-pad so 360 owners can stop bitching

dirthurts2897d ago

If they own a 360, why would they be concerned with a PS3 controller to begin with?

MGOelite2897d ago

cause if they have both consoles but just prefer the 360 controller, probably should have said 360/ps3 owner, my bad

Cold 20002897d ago

A lot PS3 owners own 360's too and prefer the 360 pad. 360 pad is def the way to go for 80% of games out there.

dirthurts2897d ago

Makes more sense.
Thanks. : )
I'm used to both, I don't really notice when I go back and forth.

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dirthurts2897d ago

To announce a "traditional" controller with all this motion stuff popping up.
I think I'll be sticking with my joysticks myself.

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The story is too old to be commented.