Many journalists struggling with Kinect name, calling it 'kinetic' subconsciously

As Maxconsole said earlier, there is a 'problem' with the name 'Kinect' because it requires a conscious thought not to say/write kinetic. And it seems it will take some time for journalists to get their tongues around this as Maxconsole has already seen 4 journalists call the product 'kinetic' including T3 and WP. Maxconsole have already been guilty of mentioning it as 'kinetic' too but as time goes by hopefully that will erode, but its proving quite difficult as it goes all against current logic.

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CompanionCube2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

I have been doing this constantly. I have to keep double checking. Even when I see it as kinect I see kinetic, weird.

Boody-Bandit2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

apparently it can read gamers mind and moves before the gamer actually does. ;)

I am guilty as well at calling it Kinetic. I thought that is what the name was but that is what I read it to be by a lot of publications. I don't like Kinect. Kinetic is a cooler name and I would think (but I don't need to tell Kinect that because it knows what I'm thinking) easier to market.

You people that are disagreeing with me need to get a sense of humor. Seriously, if anything I am a little set back by MS for trying to pull another Milo and you 360 fans should be as well. Show what the device is actually capable of and not more smoke and mirrors.

WhittO2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

^^ lol ye, and can only play games 20 seconds at a time (unless its the red ball game).

Also, I MUCH preferred the name NATAL to Kinect, Kinect just sounds so weak and crap where NATAL sounds unusual/interesting and makes you want to find out more (if that makes sense lol).

orange-skittle2776d ago

You're a creature of habit. You like NATAL because that is all you know. You don't like change and prefer things to stay the same. NATAL is a dumb name. Most people won't even know how to pronounce NATAL. You'll get ignorant people calling it NAY-TEL, NAY-TELL, or NAH-TELL. They wouldn't know it's really NUH-TALL.

Brewski0072776d ago

"ignorant" people will happily mispronounce Connect , uh, kinetic, no no thats not right , kin-ector!!. oooh dammit I just cant get it right ! :(
From a business perspective , marketing it as "NATAL" now sounds like it was a waste with a name change relativly close to the launch date.

Silver3602776d ago

blame yourself. If you can't actually take the time to read what is in front of you then you are not a journalist.

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iamtehpwn2776d ago

I thought it WAS kinetic for some reason---until I watched a video and they said it like "Connect" and I was like "Oh...really?" then I looked at the spelling and thought... "oh."

Nintendo turning Revolution into Wii turned out to be a good idea in the long run for consumer broadening... But Kinect...the spelling just pisses me off every time I see it.

The Great Melon2776d ago

Same here. I only realized after a few hours of reading that I was misreading the name.

hay2776d ago

Yeah, got the same problem until I saw it was actually Kinect not Kinetic. Too much Eye Toy. But when you think about it, the name fits ; p

Nike2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

"Many journalists struggling with Kinect name, calling it 'kinetic' subconsciously"

But not the sterling exemplars of journalism at MaxConsole, no sir. /s

Coming up next: "Some people pronounce Samus as 'Sah-moos' and Mario as 'Meh-reeo'! Stop the press!"

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Squall50052776d ago

I've been having trouble with the name too.

I open my mouth to say 'Kinect' but the word 'Arse!!' comes out.

BeOneWithTheGun2776d ago

that's pretty funny cause "arse" is what I want to sit on when I play video games.

NecrumSlavery2776d ago

NATAL or WAVE would of been fine. Kinect sounds like a cable provider, not a gaming camera.

ravinash2776d ago

I think when I googled is Kinect is a Cable provider.

Inside_out2776d ago

LOL...I have to give you a bubble for that...your a goof, but a funny one...

In regards to Kinect and Kinetic...yeah...I keep spelling it Ke instead of Ki...Why didn't the keep Natal...must be some sort of copyright issue...

mrv3212776d ago

Natal, is actually better.

Bet you Kinest was choosen just because it cannot be turn into something like Failtal, which is perfect timing considering how the event went down with let's just say EVERYONE.

jack_burt0n2776d ago

i disagree........ kinext

darkdoom30002776d ago

Yeah- kinect is a slight tounge twister.

I call Kinetic then i remeber it ends with a T and end up calling it kinet.

Natal wasn't the best same, but it was easy to say, and they've been using it for so long that it's embedded into peoples vocab.

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