Upcoming Activision game soundtracks to feature well-known artists

Gamer's Guide to LIVE at E3 2010: "In a press release today, Activision have announced that some of their most highly-anticipated upcoming titles will feature music from some of the best-known and commercially successful recording artists from around the world.

"Games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops, DJ Hero 2 and True Crime: Hong Kong will play host to music from artists including Usher, Eminem, Soundgarden and David Guetta, amongst other musical talents."

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dangert122931d ago

they have too much money to waste o well atleast its not my money there using to pay for i have not brought anything activision since yonks

mjolliffe2931d ago

They really do splash their money don't they!

PhilipLarkin2931d ago

Good, should make them better