E3 2010 – Microsoft press conference liveblog!

VG247: Oh lordy. Oh lordy, lordy, lordy. It’s so on.

Fresh from its Natal/Kinect event last night, Microsoft is the first out of the big three to have its main E3 press conference.

We’re reporting live from LA. What to expect?

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booni32961d ago

Alright, lets do it MS!
i wonder which is first?
The 360 conference where MS is in the position to wow with ANY new xbox exclusive IP or
the crowd pleasing Circ de soleil @ the natal(Kinect?) conference.
mucho excited.

PimpHandHappy2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

are you jumping for joy? If so your ready for Kinect and the main game mechanic it will offer!

just playing, kinda.... crowd pleasing Kinect conference seems like a reach after what i have seen today :-)

im sure MS will show something for every gamer

Kill Crow2961d ago

They have some better things to show for Kinetic because what's been shown so far is very unimpressive ...

I also hope there's some good things to be shown not kinetic related as I really do'nt care much for it in it's present state ...

Cold 20002961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

I wouldnt say "very unimpressive" just "expected". MS were supposed to show the unexpected with Kinetic and they served something completely unsurprising. Its like a bomb that didnt explode.

Inside_out2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Hoping for some big news and crazy trailers...I've read that Halo Reach is on Wednesday and Gears on Thursday??? They are trying to spread the hype throughout the week...whatever...get this thing rolling...I want to see this 360 slim...Kinect exclusives like Fable, Milo...etc...MGS4 being ported to the 360...c'mon's all happening in a couple of hours..

As for Kinect...The show went over everybody's head...Tuesday the intended audience will get a look...That would be people outside everywhere will love it...

The games for Kinect have been great so far...really good graphics...I hope that adventure game is included in a bundle...walk on co-op...The dance game will wear out my daughter...can't wait to see more...


I thought the conference was from Tuesday the 15th - Thursday the 17th am I missing something?

Cevapi882961d ago

the MS Kinect conference is today...its like a pre e3 conference that will only deal with Natal/Kinect related stuff

heres a good link....

JAMurida2961d ago

The MS conference will be interesting to see. I'm more interest in MS and Nintendo's things, since I don't really know what might go down with them. I know Sony will show amazing things with games and news, so I don't need to worry with them.

and @ cez of rage
I doubt MGS4 will ever be ported to 360. Even with cut content and a lot of compression, FFXIII was 3 disc and took a hit on the visual part of it. I don't even want to think of how many disc MGS4 would be. But who knows...

dangert122961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

i was so optimistic for Kinetic but it really has been crushed i should of known it was flawed when people said microsoft have started working on natal 2
I just want to see the hardcore games i don't care about controlling the interface with mottion sensing a pad is quicker microsoft really let me down lets hope e3 on a hole is a plus rather then a negative

NYC_Gamer2961d ago

MS better have something real good to offer after last night...

candystop2961d ago

But at least they have something to show!:O

The Meerkat2961d ago

I'm about to loose control and I think I like it.

mrv3212961d ago

3 hours to go, this should be fun. Can I ask a favour, I know this sounds lame and ironic. BUT don't go spouting nonsense on EVERY Microsoft article.

EVERYONE will have sonething good to show, Sony, Microsoft AND Nintendo. Sure Natal didn't go over too well, but I still believe Microsoft has more to show. Same goes for Sony, just because they showed KZ2, inFAMOUS 2, Motorstorm 3 and Littlebigpalnet 2 DOESN'T mean they won't have more to show and even if they don't that's 4 great EXCLUSIVE announced within the last few weeks, what more could you want? Wii Music to fill the gap?

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