240° : Kinect E3 Reveal Disappoints. Pics,Video and Thoughts.

Bone-idle writes "E3 has finally kicked off and first out of the blocks is Microsoft with its first surprise, that after a year of promoting the "Project Natal" they have decided to change its name to "KINECT". Rolled out with an elaborate production from the Cirque du Soleil and a huge mechanical elephant, people got a look at some new games for the hands free controller"

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BoneIdle3023d ago

All Sony need to do is to show the Move with a proper game and they will steal the show. Fingers crossed Microsoft have some decent games to show us tomorrow but i won't hold my breath.

deadreckoning6663023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

"All Sony need to do is to show the Move with a proper game and they will steal the show."

Maybe for you..but what I'm most excited for are the PS3 exclusives. Not because I'm a fanboy or anything, but because Sony's exclusives are generally very well made. I hope Agent is shown. As for multiplats, I'm looking forward to Arkham Asylum 2, Medal of Honor, and EA MMA.

NewYork2143023d ago

If microsoft had better games to show, I think they would of done it last night. They spent a crap load of money on that show last night, so why wouldnt they go all out showing the games. But I guess they could of just showed the games they are aiming at the casuals. Hopefully they have at least one "hardcore" game to show tomorrow for all of the 360 fans. But this makes me even more excited for Sony's tomorrow.

Raf1k13023d ago

I hope they announce the Team Ico Collection.

evilmonkey5013023d ago

anyone see the largest xbox slim in the world? omg thats like ten times bigger than an

(look on lower right side of screen during gameplay part)


thats strange other people says it is the second coming of christ.

NewYork2143023d ago

I havent seen anyone say that yet. this seems to be the general consensus they I have seen so far

DeltaZ3R053023d ago

its the second coming of Sony's boot up M$ a$$!

DeltaZ3R053023d ago

i saw it so stupid. This makes me want to buy Move even more!.

evilmonkey5013023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

MILF. ALL THAT TALK ABOUT BOUNCING AND SWEATING GOT ME WORKED UP. Maybe this is how they break into japan...a virtual sex all know that would go good with "KONEKT".

upon watching it again...there is no more sexual its some guy doin it.. :(

evilmonkey5013023d ago

Her name is Becky Worley.
Fan. lol

Tony-A3023d ago

Not what people expected, and it was moreso the event that they pulled on Sunday that turned most off on the idea.

Star Wars still has a shot, but the video that they showed for it did more harm than good. Because they were working with pre-recorded stuff, they made it all seem so laggy and unresponsive... and, in some cases, ahead of your actions before you even begin them.

Somnipotent3023d ago

i wasn't going to buy into it before and i definitely won't buy into it now. i'm a little over motion control as it is but as long as sony comes through with some "real" games instead of casual hacks, then perhaps i'll give that whirl. i felt uncomfortable just watching the clips so far, god knows how i will feel if i tried the real thing. at this point, only god will.

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