E3: Natal (Kinect) Experience Event Report

NowGamer: Natal renamed and almightily impressive event experienced.

There are no words to describe what just happened at the Galen Centre, here in Los Angeles just hours before the official opening of E3 proper...

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El Botto2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Prerendered and fake.


Dont forget to check the BAMMMM there it is gifs (scroll down). Hilarious.

captain-obvious2656d ago

i now know why both Sony and Nintendo skipped this idea

because the company that makes natal approached Nintendo first then Sony both refused
so MS was the last resort and they accepted it

so yah
i guess i know why they skipped it now

ShinMaster2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

You make a good point. A pretty obvious one too! Lol :P

Information Minister2656d ago

From revolutionary to unimpressive in a year!

You know... for a device that was supposed to take hardcore gaming away from the bottomless pit it was (apparently) falling into, Natal/Kinect sure seems poised to bomb worse than the 32X.

ShinMaster2656d ago

That dude's shirt in the video...I want it!

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logikil2656d ago

MS should have had the forethought not to invite game press to this. It just wasn't made for them and it shows.

Inside_out2656d ago

Can't wait to play this...Sounds like the show was awesome...great to see somebody realizes it was a SHOW not a

M$ presentation coming in a couple of hours...Fable...milo....Exclus ives...New Xbox...The fun is just starting...Kinect is gonna sell millions...

SillySundae2656d ago

And I love the possibility

What is making me think right now is how come some of these tech demos appear to be pre-rendered.

I'm starting to get nervous, but I hope MS comes through.

Good competition is always better for us gamers.

Redlogic2656d ago

where is Omega and GreenRing of Life and Niceguywii60? Haven't heard much about how great Natal will be from them today?? Hmmm wonder why?

FragMnTagM2656d ago

They don't want to lose all of their bubbles for being excited about something that they are going to purchase?

fr0sty2656d ago

the only thing they have to be excited for as of now are pre-rendered faked "demos" (see image i posted above), gorillas with flowers growing out of them, glowing ponchos, and big robo-elephants.

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Paradise2656d ago

Well I had high hopes for this. Many games for the casuals but nothing for me. Maybe we'll see better titles pop up down the road. But as of now I'm not impressed.

vx2656d ago Show
red2tango2656d ago

Microsoft can throw all the money they want at advertising, but that doesn't hide the fact Natal/Kinetic is an overpriced and overhyped piece of hardware. You can't hide lag.

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