Kinect reveal was for 'everyone', just not for you

"Having stoked much gossip and mystery over both the artist formerly known as Project Natal and the precise nature of its E3 offering, the big M has stumbled at the first hurdle, and it’ll take more than another fancy lightshow to restore the balance."


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dangert122955d ago

Some should sue ms when natal comes out for tricking us into believing what it can do at the moment its quiet clear its having problem capturing 3d body motions -_-
how ironic

Al Bundy2955d ago

Sad but true. That's why they have to show pre recorded footage of some Kinect games. This is not looking good for Kinect.

Christopher2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

I'm not saying Kinect is great, has a good software lineup, or doesn't have lag; but... There's no way they would go into an event that is so heavily performer-based and a goal on creating a half-hour infomercial with live gameplay elements. It was a live taping of their usual pre-canned game advertisements, the same ones that Sony made for showing off Move. All of them use pre-canned elements to show the games off as best as possible in these commercials.

I do understand the desire for actual gameplay to be shown and I think that will be done on the showroom floor and not at a press event.

pxpxp2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Kinect is the best thing to happen to video games.



(if i need to put /s at the end, you should go back to or stay in school)

NeoBasch2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

What I can't believe is how no one saw this coming. Seriously, Microsoft scheduled an event that no major broadcaster such as G4 were able to air live. They were on damage control before E3 even began. The conference was at an unknown time, where select members of the press even knew about it. The conference was before E3 even began. Probably to try and keep away consumers from the demonstrations (read prerecorded footage). This was a private event in hopes that bloggers wouldn't destroy Kinect before it even had a chance, which is understandable. However, couple this with the abnormal timing and you'll soon see how all of this was damage control.

Anarki2955d ago

It seems like it's having trouble doing anything, not just body capturing...

Microsoft need to provide us with SOLID gameplay and not some recorded bullshit. I was all for buying this until today. Obviously, Microsoft don't have confidence in their product.

sikbeta2955d ago

You guys get what the title means, cos I'm clueless

Everyone except you = not for everyone @[email protected]

Marojado2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

They're being facetious.

Microsoft said they were to have two presentations because one was geared towards Kinect and suitable for everyone, the other is the one for core gamers that has an age restriction on it and starts in about an hour.

Instead we got a flamboyant advert that has left very few actual gamers impressed. I think most people just wanted to see what Natal/Kinect could do, not animatronic elephants and Cirque Du Soleil.

zootang2955d ago

It's like. I made this cake for you but you can't have it.

Shadow Flare2955d ago

And it was utter crap for everyone, not just for me

Inside_out2955d ago

You PS3 guys are M$ huh...The demo's that they showed have been available for MONTHS...LMAO...

Kinect is very real...I know it's amazing how crisp the graphics are and how fluid/precise the movements are but they are real...

Check out M$ presentation this afternoon....New xbox...Fable...Milo...the gangs all there...

Sony should be sued...and are being sued because of there fraudulent advertising...

Pennywise2955d ago

Dude... it's NXE avatars doing twisty contorted movements on screen. That is amazing? Its funny how your standards have hit rock bottom. The movements are anything but precise. You have no clue what the movements were because most were prerecorded.

Why are you still defending the eyetoy1.5?

diatom2955d ago

I Think cez has finally passed through fanboy and entered the land of the troll.

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3sq2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Ehh isn't everyone=me, us, you, he, she and they?

Edit: I guess I'm not a part of everyone, well thanks God for that. :)

candystop2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Exactly and definitely not for PS fanboys! And dangert12 must of played Natal because he seems to know everything about it today. how ironic

edit: Or maybe there waiting for E3 to start and finally show something. I want to believe some of this stuff is legit and will give MS the benefit of the doubt at least until E3 is over. Still no concrete proof until the show is over what Kinetic can do.

MGOelite2955d ago

theres evidence out there though

from quote

"But, then again, it was also clearly not in realtime, with the demoist working hard to ape the motions of the on-screen action, rather than vice versa. And while we understand that the game proper may not have been ready to show, we suspect it more likely that it’s the technology that isn’t. Or, more precisely, that Microsoft is unwilling to risk another ‘Bamm!’ moment weighed against the potential boost in confidence it might gain in showing any of this stuff truly live." sounds very milo-ey doesnt it

whydoyouask2955d ago

Microsoft doesn't want to do Another BAMM! just like SOny DOesn't want to do another RIDGE RACERRRR! and also like Nintedo doesn't want to do another Wii Music...oh wait.

Focker4202955d ago

Jaw drops... gives bubbles

logikil2955d ago

I think the bigger reason to have the demo pre-recorded was simply due to the unpredictable nature of how the peripheral would react in that environment. It doesn't necessarily take away from what it can do, it does however keep the question in peoples mind. It is reasonable to suspect that no one is going to be playing Kinect in a large auditorium with hundreds of people and flashing lights. However, as a gamer it sucks to still not know what the actual capabilities of the hardware are. This will obviously change as the week goes by, since journalists will have one on one time with the device during on floor demos, etc. MS really should have done this thing on Tuesday after the press conference and not before hand. God that company simply seems to lack in forethought. They have decent ideas, but implementation is simply disastrous, and that isn't isolated to gaming.

raWfodog2955d ago

Has ANYBODY 'played' it? All Im seeing are actors acting out the movements...

bjornbear2955d ago

and its all a set up AND YOU STILL HAVE HOPE?

wow...not much to hope for in thy life is there =(

jaredhart2955d ago

what they hoped to accomplish at the reveal besides spending alot of money on "smoke and mirrors".

HINDERIZATION2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

i guess it's not going to be anybodys then lol

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