3.5D is your future. So say iGUGU

So you thought all this 3D was very shiny and that it’s the future of gaming, fair enough we thought that to. But iGUGU think they can do one better. Say hello to the Kinect and Move of the PC world.

Dubbed GameCore, the manufacturer behind the technology says this product will give users a 3.5D experience.

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UnSelf2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

what does that even mean?

i guess u can interact in a 3d space....and if u shaved, ur hair'll begin to grow back or sumn

Brewski0072811d ago

Cheap marketing name.
Retail Assistant : "And we just got this in today!"
Gullable Consumer: "oooh its 3.5D , it must be better, lets spend more money!!!"

Arnon2811d ago

iGUGU? The name makes me feel really... uncomfortable.

DoomeDx2811d ago

iGUGU sounds like some sort of geeky japanese anime hero.

or a curse..

''Crap! I have iGUGU flu''. damn first we've got Swine flu, AKA H1N1, now we've got iGUGU AKA 3.5D

HarryM2811d ago

Is it me or does the wireless controller look like an Xbox 360 controller? :s

kasasensei2811d ago

Oh god no! Not a trackball!
That thing is dead 10 years ago and was never good for gaming (except maybe for point&click)...

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