Prediction - Onlive Inevitable Crash.....

Onlive, the upcoming behemoth of the next-gen console race. They promise you "gaming on demand" anytime you want with no CD required. And clean fun gaming with an inexpensive console and or on your computer. But, only 3 days to its release. Do you really think that type of console has a place with the Big Daddy's of the Next-Gen war already surpassing them?

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adamx2960d ago

I wont touch this crap, I'll stick with the 3 that our out now.

NYC_Gamer2960d ago

this Onlive crap will be laggy and expensive

Conloles2960d ago

Yeah Im just waiting for people to sink money into this and then have it go under, say goodbye to your games!

InfectedDK2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Well atleast I'll wait and see what happens when it goes live and some time ahead of that.

The idea is fine if it works as planned with no lagging and so on however I think we're not ready for this technology yet.

Anyway I'm just fine with my PS3 in terms of the hardware, blu-ray discs and so on..

Brewski0072960d ago

It'll be a guinea pig that the big names like sony, microsoft and nintendo will look at closely, but the market it aims for will be current console holders as gamers these days own one of the big three at least. So I fear they're going into a saturated market with a service that has potential but is more destined to fail rather than succeed.

EGJerry2960d ago

our, are, our, are, our, are, our, are

You ARE retarded

adamx2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

ment "are" dont know why I put our...

Brewski0072960d ago

Dont sweat it man its only a typo , people with half an IQ or more would be able determine what you meant anyways ;) . 'fraid I can't speak for Everyone (^^) though :)

Seferoth752960d ago

A "typo" is when you hit the wrong key spelling a word. Example " I went down to the laje with some friends." The typo is where I hit J instead of K to spell lake.

What he did is not a typo. He used the wrong word completely. That is not a TYPing errOr. Which it does happen but lets not go around calling it what it is not

instrumentalist2960d ago

Same reaction here. More like clothes moth...

mushroomwig2960d ago

Wow, I completely forgot about Onlive..there doesn't seem to be any hype for this product whatsoever.

Nugundam00792960d ago

Finally something we all agree on

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The story is too old to be commented.