Text Speaks Louder Than Voices

Critical Gamer writes: When Metroid: Other M is released this year, Samus is going to be breaking her long held silence. But with the quality of the voice acting already coming in for some harsh scrutiny perhaps it would have been better for her to have kept her mouth shut. Of course the cinematic, cutscene heavy interpretation of the series by Team Ninja would seem to require Samus finding her voice; it’s just that the voice is unlikely to be similar to the one that has echoed in our imaginations since she first started waging war on aliens.

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Jockie2930d ago

Not sure the Samus thing is wise really, being a mute hasn't exactly done Gordon Freeman any harm.

mjolliffe2930d ago

Yeah I wasn't expecting Samus to break her silence...

Cubes2930d ago

What next Link voiced by Nolan North?!!