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Nitrowolf22811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

no, the game looked cool
but the person and the game itself were out of sync (obviously recorded)
If that is the next level then i don't want to be apart of it
i hoep they give us some live demo's today

klado2811d ago

Lol, you meant, you don't want to be part of it, or APART of it...

Come on, This stuff start already, Need to see the psp2 or 3DS.

Nitrowolf22811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

lol yeah i messed up and can't edit it wtf

Gamerbee2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

MS has insulted our intelligence. Well mine anyway..

ThanatosDMC2811d ago

Well, if they think they can get away it. They probably think those journalist are dumb.

Nike2811d ago

Exactly. Seeing an earlier video about how it was supposedly staged, I observed that an entire movement was not picked up by Kinect and reflected into the game. It looked like the actor was simply trying to act along with the game.

What they need to do is get this in the hands of the people, so we can know for sure what's what. Hell, it's what they should have done in the beginning.

DeadlyFire2811d ago

I saw like 0 seconds of gameplay.

knight6262811d ago

i like the acting who is the acter?

ryuzu2810d ago

What I don't get is why Lucasarts make such stupid choices.

People were hoping for a good lightsaber based Wii game and it never came. Surely a light saber game is best served by having a saber like controller in your hand a'la Wiimote or PS Move.

So why are they investing in Natal where you have no physical contact with the saber (or feedback in terms of rumble) at all?

Just too many weird choices on display at this E3.

Anyway, this could be good, but until someone sees it actually working, and given how bad the rest of the Kinect stuff has been, color me not interested.


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KiasuKiasiMan2811d ago

Is it me or does the game seem to control the player? Or is Kinect's lag -22ms? lol

wiggles2811d ago

How can you disagree? if you watch the clip from 00:15-00:18 you can clearly see the character on screen moving before the person "playing."

SOAD2810d ago


Kinect can predict player movement. It is from the FUTURE!!!! It is SKYNET!!!

I'm just kidding.

fooltheman2810d ago

it wasn't gameplay... it was a cute scene lol

RockmanII72810d ago

If it was pre-recorded, you would of thought that MS would make it not look like shit

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wiggles2811d ago

I didn't even get through the whole video...I got 00:15-00:18 and I was like wait....something's not right haha....

It's to bad that it was pre-recorded....I am curious as to what it looks like in real time

aGameDeveloper2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

In network games, player movement is predicted, in order to hide lag. If this system has a lot of lag, they could be doing the same. So what you are seeing could simply be the inaccuracy of the prediction.

Downtown boogey2810d ago

No no no... It's a Jedi mind trick. Like they can deflect those bullets by sensing where they'll come from.

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B-Real2062811d ago

I'm just interested to see how this is going to work. My 7 year old nephew plays star wars lego on the wii all the time. He might like this.

R2D22811d ago

People on this site are forgetting that we on N4G only make 5% of the gaming world. My son will go gaga over this - he is a Star Wars freak like me.

Hopefully the price is right and RD2D Jr will be one happy camper come Christmas.

the-show-stopper2811d ago

get the star wars PS move version of this
itll probably be more accuracte plus youll have something to hold onto

Downtown boogey2810d ago

"MAYBE" more accurate? And we could actually move the character as well.

Kahvipannu2811d ago

I'm really skeptic about Natal right now, I hope they show something good in theyr pressconference. Personally, I'm not hyped what they have shown so far, but kids love this kind of games. My sisters kids play lego indianaJ/SW all the time.

Kush2811d ago

That didn't really look that cool to me... not much gameplay shown and I honestly don't want to jump around my house to play a game.