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jromao2777d ago

This shows a good step forward for FIFA but still behind PES on that features, PES approach for players individual skills are more detailed and unique. FIFA keeps better animations than PES and that isn't enough to bring the awesome PES gameplay to the pitch, let's hope EA team can keep improving on that field too.

zdudynot2777d ago

Fifas gameplay i way better than pes. Have you ever played football?

XtreemGamer2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

I like it. I dont have fifa 10, so fifa 11 will be a must buy for me.

FishCake9T42777d ago

I wonder if Rob Green with have high skill ball handling?

Fatmanp2777d ago

How anybody can be stuck in the time warp and think Pro Evo is still close to Fifa is beyond me. yes both games have their issues but PEs feels very robotic whereas Fifa feels a bit more organic.

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