Netherlands Vs Denmark | 2010 World Cup Simulation

A simulated game between netherlands and denmark which takes place today(14th) Will this be the result in the end. enjoy top one is 1st half and second one is 2nd half.

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Wildarmsjecht2775d ago

If they simulated Denmark scoring a goal FOR Netherlands at the start of the second half...big blunder there.

fucadastates2775d ago

simon pouelsen or whatever his name is gave holland 3 points. thank you simon :)

CloudGamingHub2775d ago

he done a good clearance second half though still netherlands dominated second half.

anticooper2774d ago

pikker du aber i numsen?

MajestieBeast2775d ago

Atleast there werent any f*cking vuvuzela's horrible things that should have been banned.

CloudGamingHub2775d ago

i turned off in game vuvuzelas because I use a headset and they become pretty irritating.

Equinoxe_72775d ago

Damn we lost, good job Holland, hope we are getting second i the group.

CloudGamingHub2775d ago

i have a feeling it all comes down to when Cameroon play denmark. We will just have to see how well japan play before everyone under estimates them.

blasian2774d ago

Lets go germany! Germany just doesnt beat people they blow them out the water and then kill them while theyre on land

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The story is too old to be commented.