Leaked images from Natal Experience Kinect Event

If this event was supposed to be "locked down tighter than the president's nuclear launch codes", we all just died quick yet painless megaton blast of a death. Photos from the exclusive unveiling of Microsoft Kinect motion controller featuring Cirque Du Soleil have begun to trickle out. The images below are leaked from the "no-photos" pre E3 event from Sunday June 13th.

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poe2956d ago

They didnt its just SDF

Johnny52956d ago

Ok every journalist says it was crap so they mst all be lying

eemoemo522956d ago

Bash this innovation when we all know what to expect from Sony copies.

Nitrowolf22956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

at least Sony is able to actually do live demo's rather then have pre-recorded sh1t up on stage with paid actors

The F, i don't need to wroty about going to a Playstation event not only do i not need to worry about looking silly playing their PS MOVE but i don't need to worry about looking silly in an weird outfit
yeah Ponchos wtf was that really needed, i don't care if you lit up who the F wants to wear a pancho for about 30-1hr only to light up for a minute

ryuzu2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Looks like something cut from Logan's Run haha.

If I were an attendee I think I'd want the pictures buried - is there no level too low for "journalists" in their chasing of MS's $$$?

Boy oh boy - let's just see the product and some games. Save the marketing masturbating for TVs and Windows 8.


Burn3602956d ago

I'm glad this is totally casual games I dont want motion controls in my games save it for the kids and old people I want controllers.

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Imalwaysright2956d ago

Because they know kinect is a piece of shit.

FanboyAttack2956d ago

I actually dont think they messed up with Natal, just how people didnt like the presentation. Most journos have had a poor response to the show. Hopefully, the Press conference today has better and more information.

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kenlawson2956d ago

I think it sounds cool.

poe2956d ago

The show sounds cool. It sounds like people expected one thing and from the pictures got something completely different.

AyeKay472956d ago

everyone in the crowed looks so confused, including itagaki haha

math2956d ago

Looks about as fun as getting kicked in the balls.

eemoemo522956d ago

If you had balls maybe,

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The story is too old to be commented.