Was The Kinect Presentation Pre-Recorded? [Video]

Gamer Syndrome: During Microsoft’s Natal conference we saw a group of people getting up on stage and showing off a few games that will be available on Kinect on launch day. Half-way into the presentation we saw two kids playing a sort of raft game where the players must control a raft as its heading down a waterfall. After a while a man runs in the middle and the kids leave the stage. The game then changes to an un-announced Star Wars game where the man was playing as a Jedi.

Video can be found after the jump.

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PRHB HYBRiiD2621d ago

but i wasn't impressed by it let's see if tomorrow they show sumthing good.

gaffyh2621d ago

Definitely staged, especially when the character starts moving his hands before the actual guy. Also, it's such a short clip, I just can't see them setting up a gameplay segment for it, would have been easier just to record it and copy the movements.

Hellsvacancy2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Hahahahaha - a fanboi in denial

Nitrowolf22621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

green who the F cares if they would have gooten stage fright
first of actors are hired to perform in big crowds its there job to
and secondly what is MS hiding, if it would have all been live at least people would have felt mroe confident
there tricks won't work this time on them, they have been doing the same thing for a long time and people are realizing this now

and please deliver on all levels?
wth was that last night, even though it was staged it proved crap

El Botto2621d ago

The purpose of showing something like that LIVE or doing a DEMO, is to show to the PUBLIC that THE SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE RUNS SO WELL THAT IT DOES NOT CRAP OUT ON YOU WHILE PLAYING.

Clearly if nothing is wrong with the software/ hardware, you would not have to hide it behind lies and prerendered shit.

Like how Sony is so confident with their MOVE that they just let the gaming press play it/ try it out. Why not. They got nothing to hide. It works perfectly.

Natal on the other...oh Im sorry "KIE NEKT" its called now, well kinect doesnt work. Thats why they hide it. But the truth always comes out, see.

Anarki2621d ago

Greenringoflife wtf are you talking about? If the people got "stage fright" then that'd make them look like a douche, and not "Kinect" looking like some cheap product.

I'm slowly drifting away from Kinect now... I was all for buying it until Microsoft decided not to show us anything of it.

HQLocated1112621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )


HQLocated1112621d ago

Most likely was pre recorded, thats all that microsoft does, smoke and mirrors. Oh and the guy doing the presentation for the star wars game looked like a total dumbass. Oh and BTW That was what you call an "in-game cutscene" which is in no way controllable by the person who's playing it.

Shadow Flare2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

You know, only a few days ago i said that i was expecting microsoft to show a lot of smoke and mirrors and pre-recorded videos at this E3. And GUESS WHAT. That is how pathetic microsoft are. They have zero confidence in natal. If they had the confidence they would have shown it live. Its mere months from release!! But they have no confidence in it. Why did they show the red ball game for a whole year and nothing else??? Cos they have no confidence! Face it! It's not trolling, its the TRUTH. Show Natal working live and in perfect working order microsoft because you're making yourself look really stupid. Sony have been showing Move in perfect working condition with live demonstartions for a year now. Thats confidence.

sikbeta2621d ago

Look at this .gif, watch and follow the movement of the character right arm and then compare it with the "Player" movement, it was pre-recorded...

Dude4202621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Well, Natal still has a chance to be a decent product, the problem here is that MS clearly overdid their show. It's not an embarrassment because Kinect might be shit, it's because Microsoft relied on Cirque du Soleil to speak for the product. Even then, they didn't even show much of Natal anyway, just clips, which is stupid.

It's like there was more dancing than Natal lol. Anyway, after that crappy show, MS better redeem themselves by actually showing off Natal. If not, then all Sony has to do is show Move for 5 minutes and then they will win over more people than MS.

I hope they're not doing shows like this for the games that they're going to announce. MS please, let the damn products speak for themselves.

diatom2621d ago

In Soviet Russia, the game plays you...

Boody-Bandit2621d ago

This device doesn't just read body movements but it also reads your mind! It knows what the gamer is going to do before they even do it! That's what we saw with this demo of Star Wars. MS I am in awe of your amazing device. I knew it would be great but I didn't know it would be THIS GREAT! Quick Kinetic, what am I thinking right now!? /S

ThanatosDMC2621d ago

HAHAHAH! Green is so funny.

Anyway, it's like the Milo presentation all over again.

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Mr_Bun2621d ago

I can't wait to see what Kevin Butler has to say about this

Sully_Moustache2621d ago

"piu..piu..piu" or " i´m you father..." for sure

Hellsvacancy2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Epic fail is wot he'll say

sikbeta2621d ago

Wow, This one is More Obvious than the .gif I posted above, no Doubt It was pre-recorded...

Boody-Bandit2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

it seems Microsoft pulled another Milo / Milli Vanilli / Ashlee Simpson

Inside_out2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

It was a show...Think of it as a live trailer. Are people so uncultured that they can't tell the

From the clips I've seen, it looked incredible and look forward to Tuesdays reveal.

Kinect is being demoed as we speak...I hope they include the Adventure game in a bundle...walk on co-op is in need to log on profiles or in the case of the PS3, assign controllers...I have a Wii...will soon have Kinect...waiting for the killer app...Presentation this afternoon...

BTW...It wasn't like it was a CGI trailer and they claimed it was real ;~D

Redlogic2621d ago

how on earth can you commend that show? All smoke and mirrors like usual and the sheep will follow huh? Jeez, I guess I should learn not to expect a fanboy to speak the truth, ever...even when it's obvious there is an issue with Natal. I hope you do buy it Cez, I'm sure it'll collect dust right next to the hd-dvd player

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Optical_Matrix2621d ago

That's the most staged thing I have ever seen in my life

Gabe EatsWell2621d ago


Back in the old N4G, I used to say that the player doesnt control the game, The game controls the player. Well there it is now, the proof is in the vid. :P

Cartesian3D2621d ago

I said the same thing..

for the first time in history there is game controller with 150ms LEAD

ThanatosDMC2621d ago

Aaron Greenburg can spin that to make it better than Move's 1:1.

HarryM2621d ago

Maybe Kinect can't do what Microsoft was hoping for it to do..

Imalwaysright2621d ago

It seems that Ninty and Sony were right turning down Project Natal.

jmmurillo862621d ago

LOL, in the Star Wars game, the virtual character moves BEFORE the player:


HarryM2621d ago

.. It further proves that the people were mimicking the movements in the games..

Cloudberry2621d ago

Kinect could predict the FUTURE!!! O_O



fantasygamer2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

OMG! Kinect is psychic *asks it what im thinking about now and it shows me a taco* o.o *hides and trembles*