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captain-obvious2837d ago

ASS ASS IN Creed Brotherhood
looks nice

osamaq2837d ago

but a third episode with a new character and location would be better ....

Cevapi882837d ago

pretty badass...would have been better if there was gameplay and not CGI

blizzard_cool2837d ago

Holy shit, Ubi would make a really awesome movie!

Raf1k12837d ago

I thought most devs outsourced CGI stuff to other companies. Didn't Bioware get another company to do the CG trailer for The Old Republic?

Christopher2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Correct, Raf1k1. It's a common method when you use certain technology only in specific situations. The people who made it more than likely are involved in tons of other CGI products and that's what they do primarily, whereas Ubisoft can focus development on just the new game.

I don't mind an AC 2.5, just hope it doesn't delay 3 for more than the usual two-year release period. Really interested to see how this ends.

The _only_ issue I had with it was the kissing the sword animation looked a little off. Otherwise, great trailer for the new game.

Eamon2837d ago

Shit, they have to make an AC movie one day!


Redempteur2836d ago

actually they tried with Ac : lineage ..and it was pretty good

ps:it was a really good trailer

Eamon2836d ago

I mean't a proper film.

I saw the Lineage film ages ago though.

Redempteur2836d ago

i know but they tried ..i think a AC movies won't be any different

Real actors, cg backgrounds , lot of choegraphics style assassin creed style ..

i actually wanted it to last more ...

Calm Down Sunshine2837d ago

The guards have guns?.. Uh oh..

Glorious trailer though.

Brewski0072837d ago

Man that looks really really well put together. Makes me wanna go back and replay 2 again.
Guards with guns might be a good thing though even the odds a little bit since they'll still get their throats slit ;)

VonAlbrecht2837d ago

I hope you can use a rifle in this one.

Raf1k12837d ago

Not very Assassin like but I'm guessing you'll be able to disarm one and use it against them.

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The story is too old to be commented.