3xG: Editors Choice: Favourite Exclusive PS3 Games

3xG says: "It has been requested that the editors of 3xG lay down their favourite games, so this week I’m going to start the ball rolling with my top 20 favourite PS3 games."

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gerol2716d ago

why it is included in the list, theres an xbox 360 version, right?
i thought this list only features Exclusive PS3 games?

Chris3992716d ago

Though the PS3 version had enhanced graphics and extra content/ characters. Maybe that factored into their reasoning.

cobraagent2716d ago

bad list Killzone 2 and God of War 3 should be in the top ten whie mgs4 should be in the top 3

ZBlacktt2716d ago

Did he realy leave the UnCharted's off the list, lol.... I strong think this list is not in number order either. No way.

ZBlacktt2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Heck I went back to look and the link was down :(

fOrlOnhOpe572716d ago

is that it illustrates not just the DIVERSITY of gaming that the PS3 offers, but you get it in matchless QUALITY - regardless of where your personal favourite is on that list.

Azianphil882716d ago

future great ps3 exclusive Gran Turismo Eight Days and The Getaway