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Eurogamer: Jump in? The overall verdict from the handful of games we see is, by and large, positive.

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Denethor_II2931d ago

They seem to be pushing the same sort of games Sony are that obviously made the Wii a success. I was expecting 'teh third coming' after the way people were talking. If Mums want to buy this for their children that's fine, but I think we should start talking about games rather than Motion controls.

Brewski0072931d ago

They have kinect sports, kinect adventures, but no kinect 4!! :(

Yeah I think they're going to try and get as many kids interested in this thing for chrimbo. It might also be good for mothers and fathers to buy this for their kids who want the "wii" experience but dont want to get a new console and spend more money on new games.
But for me, its other games and announcements i'll be interested in. Glad the motion controller stuff is getting out of the way early though :)

El Botto2931d ago Show
Silver3602931d ago

But only site so far so that i have heard of that had hands on time with kinect. All those websites just saw a show and had no touchies.

Cold 20002931d ago

They still havent fixed the may not be that important in casual games but it may be an issue in hardcore games. I have feeling the tech isnt finished yet.

Raf1k12931d ago

If devs implement it the way I think Lionhead will for Fable 3 the lag may not be too much of an issue. Using it to enhance some of the interaction in games like Fable is the best way to use the tech for hardcore gamers. The chances of having a hardcore game where the majority of the game is played using Natal is very low IMO.

Another example would be Mass Effect. While the core gameplay would require a controller, things like hacking could use Kinect which would add a new layer of interactivity and depth to the experience.

johnbrown42931d ago

"At this point it's worth pointing out that while elements of Kinect Sports may well be gesture-controlled, the impression you get when playing is that it's very close to full 1:1 tracking."
So you get an impression of 1:1? It's gesture-controlled and has 150ms lag and he's talking about 1:1? What?

Optical_Matrix2931d ago

Eurogamer grasping at straws. The fact that were found out with their feable attempts at using scripted video, it's clear the tech isn't finished.

LightofDarkness2931d ago

Killzone 2 has a lag time of around 167ms. Did that feel too cumbersome for you?

Morituri2931d ago

Out of context and non-applicable. Next.

LightofDarkness2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Really? How was that out of context? I was implying that he has likely had experience with a game that has more lag than the one he is criticizing, and wondered if he found that this diminished it's qualities. More importantly, did he find that his movements were inaccurate/delayed to a detriment (considering your movements with the analog sticks are supposed to be 1:1 and real-time).

Sounds to me that rather than address my quite valid and relevant question, you'd rather avoid it. This isn't debate club, Morituri, it's an internet discussion.

dirigiblebill2931d ago

Does that lag figure include TV lag, LoD? And where'd you get it?

Raf1k12931d ago

I don't remember having any issues with KZ2. The games controls were designed to be slower than other shooters which means that it wasn't just the controls that were designed that way but also the way the maps and AI were designed.

Did feel a little unusual at first but nothing I couldn't adjust to just as I had to adjust to so many different games I played in the past 15 years.

The issue of lag is one where if there is a large amount of lag it makes the game difficult to play depending on the way the game is designed to work which wasn't the case for KZ2.

LightofDarkness2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Peaks between 150-183ms. If PS3 fans think I'm attacking the game, I assure you I'm not. Halo 3 has a similar lag of 150ms, and no one complains about that. The article is quite good and worth a read. However, before you panic about all the missed kills and how you're missing precious moments of gaming due to some "lazy devs," read this too. It helps to give you a little perspective on things (despite being on bitmob).

EDIT @ rafk1: exactly. There aren't any lag "issues." Sure, there's lag, but it's not an issue. It takes a person longer to blink (2-4 times as much) than it does for KZ2 to refresh the screen. People keep throwing around these lag numbers like they're a serious problem, when they're just not. People have dragged the issue way out of perspective and I feel it needs to stop. There are plenty of reasons to criticize Natal (I personally couldn't care less about the thing), but lag isn't one of them.

Morituri2931d ago

Apples and oranges. This has been debated till faces were blue, but you can’t compare a game where the “lag”, as you put it, was intentionally programmed in to achieve a certain effect or feel, and a sports game where it is obviously a symptom of the limitations of the hardware or software. Apparently, for you, all games are the same, should feel the same and should control the same. That's just not fun.

If you wanted to contrast an FPS to another FPS, your comparison would be valid but this is not the situation at hand.

And Dude, do not question my willingness to get it on verbally with anyone whom I disagree with. Sometimes I'm loitering at the office, and posting from my i-phone so I can't always give a long-winded answer to your oh-so-important post.

One love easy rider.

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predator2931d ago

funny...N4G makes out its crap yet say its good..mmm who to believe people on here who never played it or people that have seen and played it??

Raider692931d ago

Dont worry its not november yet!And you probably see some full version of it before it releases!I'm not going to get it,but is good to see that its on the right track!

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