IncGamers: Kinect Reveal At E3

IncGamers' Tamer Asfahani reports on the big Kinect reveal at E3 and gives him impressions on the peripheral's latest demo. A snip:

"One thing is for sure, Microsoft do know how to put on a show, and despite the lack of any real information from the "reveal" this evening (or morning, depending on where you're reading this), there is no denying it was an entertaining event. "Enjoy the experience," and "be part of the fun" were phrases that anyone in a Microsoft t-shirt was telling the hundreds of people waiting to get in."

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Chazmers2903d ago

As intriguing as the party games seem I want to seem some decent mature titles supporting the device

Leord2903d ago

Microsoft can use cook soup on a nail :)

Maticus2903d ago

I agree with the article's writer, I don;t think Kinect will be any more 'amazing' than the Wii. It's a party thing, people will get bored soon.

Dorjan2903d ago

We'll see how it differs from the wii to see if there will be any "point" to it...

Motion still lacks on thing, feedback and without feedback the user will not feel emerged.

Hence why the rumble pack and shock pads were so good. Just a little tremble in your hands when something happened makes ALL the difference imo.

Elly2903d ago

It's a better name at least.