Introducing Kinect: An Eyewitness Account editor Bennett Ring was baffled, confused, and possibly aroused by the newly-christened Kinect's debut. Read his blow-by-blow account of the party that finally lifted the lid on Microsoft's motion-controller-formerly-kno wn-as-Natal.

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dizzleK2955d ago

good piece.

it seems like the media has taken a completely different turn now. ms needs to show some truly amazing stuff because they left a really bad taste in pretty much the entire gaming medias mouth, i think move is looking better and better to them. i don't know if a new 360 model will be enough to repair last night.

i feel genuinely saddened for myself, deep down i honestly wanted this to be cool but it's looking terrible so far. i sense tough times ahead for ms.

Cevapi882955d ago

instead of waiting for E3...they try to overcompensate with a bunch of distractions...if you are going to say that this was an event you HAD TO SEE....well then show the games that WE WANT TO SEE

BubZ-SkullY2955d ago

truth be told, MS were looking to far into the future with this no controller stuff, i liked the concept, like an evolved ps eye. At the end of the day for now, i think we neeed some type of controllers.

There presentation should have persuaded us that we don't need to have controllers to have fun, but instead they showed some pre-recorded footage, which tells me that theres some lag issues, and well like you said the gaming media didn't like it, and if they don't like it, gamers won't be persuaded enough to get it.

El Botto2955d ago

"i feel genuinely saddened for myself, deep down i honestly wanted this to be cool but it's looking terrible so far. i sense tough times ahead for ms."

This drama could have been avoided by you if you didnt place all your money on a console whom everyone knows is standing on its last leg.

wazzim2955d ago

I think even if some wanted MS to fail, nobody wants any company in this industry to just fuck up that bad.
Like really, what the hell were they thinking?

We all know Kinect=Eyetoy and Move=Wii, but atleast Sony is making it look COOL and needed, MS is just shitting on their customers right now.

morganfell2955d ago

It will get worse. Microsoft's own Rare says Kinect has 6 times the lag of Move.

wazzim2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

it's about having cool stuff, idc about little lag if it's a cool game but that's the problem, even the software sucks.

morganfell2955d ago

That doesn't inlcude TV lag or internet lag. So yes, it will be more than a little lag.

mad-dog2955d ago

i think there are some great ways to use natal.
Gaming has to few options though.

Microsoft wants to keep it game/ 360 reated so far.
Unfortunate, cause i know some people that have developped some great concepts for this app, outside of the gaming world.

ATLGAMER2955d ago

They need to go back to the 360 of the first three years...hardcore exclusives and stealing worked for them..screw all that DLC and this NAtal crap...They are truly forgetting what made them get in the game this gen...and its Sad you fanboys cant see that

mad-dog2955d ago

eh.. why are you reacting to my post?
I basicly said natal isn't good for gaming.
there are other ways to use it though.

weird post in general.

Newtype2955d ago

Steal exclusives? That went to hell anyways, I mean FFXIII? That was more like a stupid move, and it made the FF franchise go to hell. They really didn't 'steal' exclusives aside from FF and most of the ones they did steal sucked real bad.

And when they did take FFXIII, knowing that Sony has stock in Square Enix..they probably ended up with getting part of MS' FF sales.

divideby02955d ago

after reading that, I am saying where is my killer app

labwarrior2955d ago

and present the right things in their conference in a few hours

Cyrax_872955d ago

and present the right things in their conference in a few hours"

Jesus...really? Did you actually say that? You think MS would purposely screw up any hype they had for Natal just to see the reactions of people during one of the most inportant gaming events of the year?

Seriously, the damage control is unbelievable. I nearly put my head through my computer screen.

kanedaakira2955d ago

you must be right - MS deliberately made a big mess of smoke and mirrors and alienated the journo's !

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