"Xbox for All" vs. "Xbox for Core": Microsoft officially divides gamers into two parties

The Kinect press kit info reveals that Microsoft's planning to establish the labels "Xbox for All" and "Xbox for Core". Is this going to be the official separation of Xbox gamers?

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Omega42812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

I don't know why people are saying MS are forgetting about the hardcore audience, they weren't allowed to show any hardcore games at the Natal event because it was for a commercial, a commercial viewable by "everyone" hardcore games will likely have a 16+ rating and wouldn't be suitable.

At least its clear now that MS are catering to both

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Persistantthug2812d ago

Vorekdor said,
"Little big planet is not hardcore"

Say's who?

Kill Crow2812d ago

it's 100% not hardcore. That's like saying viva pinata is hardcore because it some parts are hard ....

it's a kiddies game with pretty cartoony graphics ...

Optical_Matrix2812d ago

So by your logic hardcore games have to have blood and cuts am I rite? Kill Crow?

krisq2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

like saying that Mario is not hardcore.

jmare2812d ago

Do you also say that the sky isn't blue, grass isn't green, water isn't wet?

Cartoony/cutesy graphics do not necessarily mean that the game is not hardcore. That would be like saying Mario Galaxy and Mario Kart aren't hardcore because of the graphics.

sikbeta2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

@Kill Crow

What is Hardcore to you pal, shooting aliens in a SHOOTER Game!?

duplissi2812d ago


you are a fool.

i bet you think call of duty is hardcore... splinter cell conviction... fable...

no. a hardcore game is challenging, deep, creative, expressive, unique, or thought provoking. hardcore games have one or all of these attributes.

mario galaxy, smash bros, ratchet and clank, and i would wager that little big planet especially is more hardcore than any game you name. guess what? they are colorful, and cutesy....

Persistantthug2812d ago

Hardcore is less about the game.....

Hardcore is more about the person behind it.

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soljah2812d ago

ms in one nite spent more money on the casuals then they did in the last 5 years buying exclusives and dlc for their so called core market. give me a [email protected] break, with their dollars going to casuals whats left. its not like they are Nintendo or Sony with 20-30 1st party developers all over the world

cossie1232812d ago

they got these sections now set up on facebook xbox for all and xbox for core

dizzleK2812d ago

that's actually a really good idea, i'll give credit where credit is due.

nintendo should have done a similar thing by giving less family friendly fare some type of color difference or something.

the true gamer part of me doesn't like the segregation of the games are games. i'm torn, but i do basically like the idea.

Fishy Fingers2812d ago

Dont really see the need, people are capable of establishing which games are suited/appeal to them. But MS know how to market their products so they must think it has it's place.

jakethemuss2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

"Hey we set up this community for you guys we'll still cater for you" while they pump out endless amounts of bouncey ball games.

wissam2812d ago

Now moms and boys gonna be happy :D

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