Three reasons why 'Kinect' is a poor choice of name for Natal

So Project Natal has now become 'Kinect' and it doesn't look like too many people are happy with the name, and neither are MaxConsole. But there are three logical reasons as to why this was a poor choice of MS and revolve around the following - MS were trying to be too smart, different regions will pronounce it very differently and it just looks wrong and is too focused on tech. Keep reading for the full explanations inside.

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Cartesian3D2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Kinetic and connect .. may be it means it will connect your movements to a virtual character..

I think Natal doesnt sound like a device name, Kinect is better imo.. anyway Name isnt that important , Games and Lag (playability) is the main problem here..

we must thank microsoft for that.. may its not a best choice for gaming , but they developed and improved this prototype device and make it a real product..

hope to see this device on every TV for controlling menus , surfing web on TV, reading books.. etc.. may be some mini games with family ..

but I'm certainly sure its not for HARDCORE gamers..

dredgewalker2835d ago

I have to agree that Kinect is not a bad name, what was bad is the target audience for it. Look at the commercials and demos where we don't see the hardcore gamers but families and casuals giving it a go. If Kinect would just drop the hardcore act and just focus on casual gaming I think it would be really successful.

Kamikaze82835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

It sounds too techy? Isnt that the whole point in why Kinect is better. Its more advanced than the other two consoles since it doesnt have a controller.

Also, no effort at all is required to say the name, Kinect, if you cant say that, then youre just being lazy.

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Kush2835d ago

I'm curious if they would have called it "Wave" if Google Wave didn't exist. I know people didn't like that name rumor, but I actually think it would be a rather appropriate name. Kinnect just makes me think of those lego-ish toys I played with as a kid.

Cartesian3D2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

SAMSUNG wave (S8500) .. its one of the best smartphones though

n4f2835d ago

i dont really appreciate kinnect at the moment maybe im not use to it

Morituri2835d ago

Does anyone else feel that there are way too many of these "______ reasons that _____ is ______" articles? With e3 literally hours away, don't they have anything more worthwhile to write about?

Sitris2835d ago

That is why they write about this haha

no_more_trolling2834d ago

the wii got the same response for its weird name
it will just grow on u over time

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