New Sega Console

Sega have possibly signed a deal to re-enter the console race

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gietzy2778d ago

It's meant to be for the next gen after 360.

Yi-Long2778d ago

... maybe if they release the next-gen console alongside exclusives like Shenmue 3, Virtua Fighter 6, Yakuza 5, Valkyria Chronicles 3, Madworld HD, and a couple of other brilliant exclusive Sega gems, they could succeed. I would definitely buy that!

I just doubt they have the right and competent people for the job.

But Sega has the ability to make the best games, for both young and old, for mainstream as well as for 'hardcore', and also the 'fun' games.

They (Sega) just lack the skill to sell it. Their marketing and decisionmaking has been piss-poor ever since their Megadrive/Genesis glory days.

exnihilonihilfit2777d ago

Fans of those games are now fans of other consoles, and probably have greater platform loyalty to Sony, Nintendo, and MS at this point.

Also, notice how this press release is still calling Move, Arc, something that's been known for quite a while now. Not only is probably fake, it's uninformed about major industry news.

SPARTANVI2775d ago

It's *still* thinking... [/whisper]

zeeshan2777d ago

I LOVEEE my PS3 but man, I am defenitely going to support SEGA if they ever release a next-gen console!

FF7numbaone2777d ago

me too. I would get a sega console before a xbox or wii.

Pink_Uni2777d ago

i like to have 1 main console i buy all my games for, and if sega made one i think i would switch

i just love sega games, my first console was the sega genesis

xJxdOggyStYLe2777d ago

this is true...after the xbox conference, and already lackluster ps3 titles and them tryin to push more dumb motion stuff up our ass...sega maybe our last hope

CrIpPeN2777d ago

What are you smoking? Sega games has been lackluster in some what in the past.

Nothing you really want to buy. Only thing good that has come out from Sega has been Valkyria Chronicles.

evrfighter2777d ago

It wouldn't be hard to model a console with whats out on the pc market that beats both the 360 and ps3 for pretty cheap.

Base it off x86 and developers would have zero issues porting multiplats to their console.

but still. Grain of salt

NY_State2777d ago

Unlikely and no thanks.

Raz2777d ago

omg...can't breathe...but can't stop laughing...

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ViciousBoston2777d ago

Heck, even Sega smells blood in the water after this E3 conference by Microsoft. A new slot has just opened up for a contender.

SpLinT2777d ago

no surprise Sega is re-entering after seeing the disgraceful Xbox 360 E3 conference. They have no competition except for Ps3 which lacks appeal to the public. (go outside and ask what people play, hint: its xbox).

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Jamie Foxx2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

dreamcast was one of the most amazing consoles ever, a gaming war between sony/sega and nintendo considering they all have first party studios would only benefit us gamers

Cartesian3D2778d ago

but when they working on separate devices ,their competition wont benefit us that much..

hope to see a universal device ..

Sarobi2778d ago

i wouldn't mind a new sega system, hell a lot of people wouldn't mind, heres to hoping it might happen

gietzy2778d ago

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