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Submitted by gietzy 2065d ago | rumor

New Sega Console

Sega have possibly signed a deal to re-enter the console race (Arcade, Dev, Industry, Next-Gen, Sega, SEGA & Sonic All-Stars Racing, Tech)

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GreenRingOfLife   2065d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(11)
gietzy  +   2065d ago
It's meant to be for the next gen after 360.
Yi-Long  +   2065d ago
... maybe if they release the next-gen console alongside exclusives like Shenmue 3, Virtua Fighter 6, Yakuza 5, Valkyria Chronicles 3, Madworld HD, and a couple of other brilliant exclusive Sega gems, they could succeed. I would definitely buy that!

I just doubt they have the right and competent people for the job.

But Sega has the ability to make the best games, for both young and old, for mainstream as well as for 'hardcore', and also the 'fun' games.

They (Sega) just lack the skill to sell it. Their marketing and decisionmaking has been piss-poor ever since their Megadrive/Genesis glory days.
exnihilonihilfit  +   2065d ago
Problem is
Fans of those games are now fans of other consoles, and probably have greater platform loyalty to Sony, Nintendo, and MS at this point.

Also, notice how this press release is still calling Move, Arc, something that's been known for quite a while now. Not only is probably fake, it's uninformed about major industry news.
morkendo  +   2065d ago
who know it might be
SPARTANVI  +   2063d ago
It's *still* thinking... [/whisper]
zeeshan  +   2065d ago
I LOVEEE my PS3 but man, I am defenitely going to support SEGA if they ever release a next-gen console!
FF7numbaone  +   2065d ago
me too. I would get a sega console before a xbox or wii.
Pink_Uni  +   2065d ago
i hear you zeeshan
i like to have 1 main console i buy all my games for, and if sega made one i think i would switch

i just love sega games, my first console was the sega genesis
xJxdOggyStYLe  +   2065d ago
i hope
this is true...after the xbox conference, and already lackluster ps3 titles and them tryin to push more dumb motion stuff up our ass...sega maybe our last hope
CrIpPeN  +   2064d ago
What are you smoking? Sega games has been lackluster in some what in the past.

Nothing you really want to buy. Only thing good that has come out from Sega has been Valkyria Chronicles.
evrfighter  +   2065d ago
It wouldn't be hard to model a console with whats out on the pc market that beats both the 360 and ps3 for pretty cheap.

Base it off x86 and developers would have zero issues porting multiplats to their console.

but still. Grain of salt
NY_State  +   2065d ago
Unlikely and no thanks.
Raz  +   2065d ago
omg...can't breathe...but can't stop laughing...
Sonyfanclubpresident   2065d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
ViciousBoston  +   2065d ago
Heck, even Sega smells blood in the water after this E3 conference by Microsoft. A new slot has just opened up for a contender.
SpLinT  +   2064d ago
no surprise Sega is re-entering after seeing the disgraceful Xbox 360 E3 conference. They have no competition except for Ps3 which lacks appeal to the public. (go outside and ask what people play, hint: its xbox).
Jamie Foxx  +   2065d ago
i would love that
dreamcast was one of the most amazing consoles ever, a gaming war between sony/sega and nintendo considering they all have first party studios would only benefit us gamers
#3 (Edited 2065d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Cartesian3D  +   2065d ago
may be..
but when they working on separate devices ,their competition wont benefit us that much..

hope to see a universal device ..
Sarobi  +   2065d ago
i wouldn't mind a new sega system, hell a lot of people wouldn't mind, heres to hoping it might happen
gietzy  +   2065d ago
Get the story approved.
stonecold1  +   2065d ago
gladly will support segas next system if it does happen same with sony end statement
gietzy  +   2065d ago
I wander what will happen. Is there room for four big boys?
ZombieAutopsy  +   2065d ago
One of the big 3 just need to buy SEGA, it does seem like SEGA are trying to get a lot of new Ip's and if enough prove to be sucessful they just might try the consoles again.
#8 (Edited 2065d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Moentjers  +   2065d ago
mayby they should have a little chat with Apple.
exnihilonihilfit  +   2065d ago
That's the only way I could see this happening
Sega has lost it's hardware development capabilities. Apple doesn't have game development capabilities. Regardless, the market is too saturated for 4 competitors. Whatever they come up with, it's just not likely to be profitable. Sure, adult gamers are nostalgic about Sega, but young gamers couldn't care less.
ChronoJoe  +   2065d ago
Sure they're not just making some new kind of arcade unit?
ThatArtGuy  +   2065d ago
It specifically says Arcade and Console unit. Arcade unit next year, console releasing in 2012, since the new XBOX and PS aren't expected until 2013.
Calvin_D   2065d ago | Spam
OmegaSlayer  +   2065d ago
My point is that more than 3 consoles in a gen can only hurt gamers.
Imagine to buy exclusives for the 3 brands that are in the business plus Sega and eventually Apple.
That's no good, the business doesn't need ALL this competition.
All the sales would be too much spreaded, and the development fundings would be reduced.
Competition is a good thing, saturation is not.
kindi_boy  +   2065d ago
all you said in my head was translated to please don't drop prices.
darkdoom3000  +   2065d ago
Highly dout it. If they were gonna make a new console, then they would not make sonic 4, vanquish, or yakusa4 on other consoles.
gietzy  +   2065d ago
If they are going to make a new console they still need a lot of money before 2013.
kraze07  +   2065d ago
As much as I love the Genesis and Dreamcast, I'm against another major competitor in the gaming industry. We already have the PS3, Xbox360, Wii, and PC keeping us gamers busy. If they did release another console I'd definitely buy it, but the smartest thing Sega could do right now is focus on the software they're putting out. Some of their franchises have been going downhill.
kindi_boy  +   2065d ago
I wouldn't count the Wii and the PC in any kind of competition they are on a different grid altogether
TVippy  +   2065d ago
Misleading title
Sorry, but FU for that title. I almost had a heart-attack.
Koromaro  +   2065d ago
Alas Sega Double-Suicide

If they do they will take care of it for a few months and then disown it like a stepchild
DigitalAnalog  +   2065d ago
But if there's a 0.00000000000000001% chance that might happen. All the awesome Japanese games would be there.

-End statement
HurstDarkStar  +   2065d ago
I would defiantly buy it
sega systems did'nt fail me in the past they failed the market
PMR_21  +   2065d ago
Dreamcast 2 FTW!
Dogswithguns  +   2065d ago
I love Sega since forever. and I cant wait for the new Sega consoles.
saimcheeda  +   2065d ago
If this happens
I can bet half of the Xbox fanboys here will switch alliance to Sega!
birchoff  +   2065d ago
saimcheeda: Cuz even for fanboys Xbox sucks? :D
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Raider69  +   2065d ago
I think some people are forgetting that Sega merge with Sammy and haves now all the power to go and make a new console!Just like M$ did with the xbox 360 (release before the PS3 ) it seems they are thinking in release the new console before the new PS4 and next Xbox,so this will gather a first share of the nextgeneration market at the beginning and most likely the support of the big dev teams and software houses,and thats a great move!
#23 (Edited 2065d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
n to the b  +   2065d ago
it takes a lot of capital to weather the console biz.
washingmachine  +   2065d ago
wow,that would be very interesting,but to have another console on the market would be abit carried away for gamers to have to eventually buy 4 consoles plus the handhelds haha,cause you know real gamers will eventually get them all thru out the consoles life.
Kush  +   2065d ago
I love Sega and felt the Dreamcast was so much better than the numbers would tell you, but this would be a TERRIBLE idea. They just had massive layoffs and made it sound like they would focus more on downloadable games... how would releasing a new console in an already packed market be a good idea?

Sega has done plenty of stupid things, but I don't believe they could be stupid enough to release another "real" console. Maybe one of those stupid plug-and-play "consoles" that they sell at Wal-mart with games like Pac-man and all that jazz, but nothing like the 360/PS3/Wii.
BillOreilly  +   2065d ago
gumgum99  +   2065d ago
The big problem with this possibility is that, pretty much every major Sega property, including Sonic, is already available on every platform out there, so suddenly making it exclusive for a new Sega platform can prove to be very difficult.
Sugreev2001  +   2065d ago
I doubt Sega will ever enter the console race.They've had more profitability with them being a third-party software maker then when they were in the hardware market.
DigitalHorror81  +   2065d ago
Honestly, anything other than pushing software would be pointless. Software is where the money is.
southernbanana  +   2065d ago
I would rather Sega make the kind of groundbreaking games they made in the past....
e-p-ayeaH  +   2065d ago
they need a groundbreaking console for that maybe.
NYC_Gamer  +   2065d ago
Sega will never re-enter the console race because its too expensive..
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