Kinect: Second Lifestyle Video

A second lifestyle trailer for Kinect has been released.

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omni_atlas2683d ago

Wow. Just wow.

What are those people at microsoft smoking. Must be pretty damn good.

Gandalf2683d ago

Probably the good stuff that I'm using.

dizzleK2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

they're not smoking anything, that's pure spray paint huffing right there or carbon monoxide fumes.

Tachyon_Nova2683d ago

And people called Sony arrogant over the PS3 baby adds. WTF is that sh**?

LeonSKennedy4Life2683d ago

On an iPhone. Anyone got a YouTube link?

Handsome_Devil2683d ago

yeah, I've seen this video a long time ago, and no it is not a natal video.

here is a link from youtube 4 months ago

the same exact thing, what a waste of time.

omni_atlas2683d ago

So MS couldn't even come up with their own videos, they had to reuse an ad. Sigh.

siyrobbo2683d ago

its obviously not a kinect ad, its something someone cobbled together

LeonSKennedy4Life2683d ago


That's a great ad. The seatbelt ads here in central Illinois are terrible!

karl2683d ago

im thankful to u.. that ad was great and it really left me thinking...

it took a tear out of me....

kerrak2683d ago

Come on everybody! extend your arms in front of you pretending you're holding a car wheel. Please answer how many minutes can you stand without being uncomfortable.
2 for me.

phosphor1122683d ago

This is an old seat belt commercial, as stated above.

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The story is too old to be commented.