MS Man: Kinect "Perfect Name" for Natal

Microsoft's Stephen Toulouse believes that the name "Kinect" is a great fit for the Project Natal concept even though he admits it will be polarising.

"People will either like it or dislike it, proclaim it to be an inspired choice or a mistake that will doom the product to failure," Toulouse said.

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dizzleK2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

no, it's very existence dooms it to failure.

but at the end of the day kinect is a better name than "needed to break it in half with a coathanger so it'll flush".

at least i make myself laugh lol. to the inevitable disagrees: lighten up, the world is too serious and gloomy.

RELAX2834d ago

the name is very bad.
so bad that peopel will not buy it

edhe2834d ago

He has a puppy.

Anyway - names that are bad don't stop people from buying things, witness "Wii".