Rumor: Kojima Productions to announce a new title at E3?

According to their E3 2010 Special Site, Kojima Productions will apparently announce a new game at E3 2010.

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N4GAddict2957d ago

I hope it is Zone of the Enders 3

WhittO2957d ago

I hope, but they cant be far along with the game at all, even if they do announce it.

jwatt2957d ago

I was actually thinking that, like is it possible and I think it is.

CobraKai2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I can't believe you had me click agree 4 times. The question mark looks like a Russian symbol which makes me think it's not Zone of the Enders.

va_bank2957d ago

Yep. The sickle is done in the same style as the Peace Sign in the PeaceWalker and the question mark is self explanatory. It's likely to take place before the collapse of Soviet Union, so the story will likely be closer to Big Boss than Solid Snake.

Sunny_D2956d ago

It's a New Snatcher game!

leeger2956d ago

my guess is peace walker

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silkrevolver2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I really do wish it were an exclusive, but it seems so... doubtful.

qface642957d ago

konami is having their own conference on the 16th so i doubt they would unveil everything they have elsewhere

silkrevolver2957d ago

That’s cool... I hope it’s MGS5 or something, but once again... doubtful.

Myze2956d ago

If it were as big as something along the lines of MGS5 or ZoE3, it would likely be revealed at the Sony (or Microsoft) conference over the Konami one, as it would receive far more exposure that way, which would be the whole point of the reveal.

Duke Spookem2957d ago

I hope it's a new IP exclusive to PS3.

dlp212956d ago

I bet it is the MGS4 Director's Cut.

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The story is too old to be commented.