IGN AU: Kinect impressions - illusion of real live demo ruined

Narayan Pattison of IGN AU writes: To say I was disappointed with Kinect would be putting it mildly. After waiting at the Galen Center for a couple of hours, other than the name, Kinect, nothing was revealed except a handful of pre-recorded demos where actors clearly pretended to control the on-screen characters (avatars) with their own body movement. At several points the avatars would move before the actors did, ruining the illusion of a real live demo of Kinect. This body-synch debacle makes Milli Vanilli's legendary lip-synch outrage look tame by comparison.

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dizzleK2904d ago

and the hits just keep on coming.

look, i may come off like a troll but if i see something truly awesome for this i'll be camping outside the store for one. but as it stands right now, it effin sucks. i honestly hope i'm proven wrong.

ATLGAMER2904d ago

There will be plenty in stores..

Digitaldude2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Ouch and a half, seems IGN were really not impressed, how come they are trying to make it an illusion by scripting it? I mean its going into peoples homes right?

Hey I didn't know Gabe was involved with Kinect, he did look animatronic.

El Botto2904d ago

They are trying to sell that thing no matter what. So even if consumers break it apart and crack it down afterwards, they dont care cos by than they already have your money.

They did the same thing with the xbox 360 and it worked. Like a charm. Some people are on their 5th xbox360. And if this one breaks, they will curse and kick their beds. And the next day, they will break open their piggybanks and head to the store for another 360, this time "phoenix, or emerald or jasper or slim or ruby or diamond"

And than the joke starts again.

Quagmire2904d ago

If IGN is impressed, no one is

If IGN isnt impressed, god help us all

Wrathman2904d ago

it seems you all get confused between PRESENTATION and DEMONSTRATION

peeps2904d ago

Presenting would be to show a video of a family 'playing' a kinetic game. But standing on stage and 'playing' a game should be just that but from these impressions it seems the guy was just miming, if that's the case why?? why not actually show the game working?

UltraNova2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

I feel sorry for MS...I mean even IGN says Kinect (WTF kind of name is this?)sucks major donkey balls :p

Now what remains to be seen is Sony's turn with Move... Will they do better?

Well, better is anything above shit so I guess its safe to assume that they will do 'better'.

BTW, Kinect reminds me of the the Greek word Kinisis which means...Movement.

Yeah...I leave that to everyones imagination..

itisa2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

From IGN's own word,

"...Tomorrow morning's press conference is going to have to pull some impressive rabbits out of the hat to rectify this bizarre misfire. Truly, tonight will live on in our minds right up there with Giant Enemy Crab and Wii Music air-drumming. Facepalm.?"

Now I'm dying to see the video of it.

Small vid that I can find

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morganfell2904d ago

It's a right to the jaw, a left to the head, he's staggering into the ropes!...

I would guess there were plenty of worried MS people that didn't get any sleep last night.

Double Toasted2904d ago

I guess you won't be getting any sleep when you camp out for Move? morgan fell signing off...

beardpapa2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

I honestly can't wait to see it at best buy stores when the adults are playing that raft game. It'll be like years ago watching the kids play with eyetoy at toysrus.

Rainstorm812904d ago

Its Put Up or Shut Up!

The Natal event was Lackluster. If they dont wow! everyone tomorrow, alot or people are going to write off Kinect.

And it doesnt help that MS conference is first.

kneon2904d ago

I don't think it matters. The casual audience don't read gaming media so they will go by what they see in the mainstream media, and the mainstream media aren't going to say anything bad about it.

PLAYstar2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

AHAHAHA!! Anything made by M$ were lies to fool the foolishness! Thank god I got a functional brain.. unlike some.

Rainstorm812904d ago

Anything made by M$ were lies to fool the foolish*

I guess ur brain stopped functioning for a min.....I kid..I kid

Millah2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

If people thought the Wii quickly lost its charm, I can't wait to see what people will say about this thing after its been out for a few weeks. I knew this was going to happen a year ago when MS first announced it.

morganfell2904d ago

They may not get that far. I am sure it will launch and all but I don't think we are going to see a time where it is a vast darling because the press are going to tear into this thing and it's faults with a vengeance. I think the era of MS getting a pass may have just come to a close. It's now "Show me some damn proof" time.

sikbeta2904d ago

It's quite different if you think twice, at least Nintendo have those known Games and known Characters like Mario that Always Help, Wii-sport and those goofy childish kind of charming characters and such, in the eyes of the Average Joes that was kind of cute and fun for a Week and then it got Old pretty fast, but you know the money was already in Nintendo Cayman Island Account lol

The Thing is, this time people or Average Joes don't see the need for another motion-control gaming console, cos they already have one and knowing how the wii got old for them in weeks they don't wanna spend money on a console that would end up the same way = gathering dust...

sixaxis2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

how does Ms think they can sell it?

when i read this i was like is it real?? wtf

"actors clearly pretended to control the on-screen characters (avatars) with their own body movement. At several points the avatars would move before the actors did"

Look, it has to be said: that was one of the single biggest cluster****s I've ever seen at a games event,

Heisenberg2903d ago

about the consequences of selling an expensive peripheral based completely on misconceptions and virtual false advertisements?

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AyeKay472904d ago

The whole event and they still didn't show much? Saving it for their e3 confrence?

chak_2904d ago

what an aweful name...

jack_burt0n2904d ago

"Look, it has to be said: that was one of the single biggest cluster****s I've ever seen"


morganfell2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

That entire paragraph was brutal:

"Look, it has to be said: that was one of the single biggest cluster****s I've ever seen at a games event, hands down. With the eyes of the world on Microsoft, it decides that the best course of action, for whatever profound reason, is not to truly unveil much of anything. Instead, the audience is assaulted with a strange and shambolic mess of pretentious garbage, muddy messaging and glimpses of very uninspiring games. Good lord."

Jdoki2904d ago

And I suspect the US gaming press will STILL declare Kinect the most amazing thing ever, and that MS won E3'10 on Day 1!

Glad IGN AU tell it like they saw it!

blasian2904d ago

pre-recorded demos?... Well if ur gonna fake it atleast fake it right