E310: Our Kinect reactions... THE VIDEO

Dale North and I were at Microsoft's Cirque Du Soleil advertisement for Kinect and it was weird. Dressed up like a cross between Dynasty and the KKK, our shoulderpad-flavored white ponchos made us feel like gimps as we stood, tired and thirsty, and watched the most surreal nonsense of our lives. We did a video about it.

Want to know why I am so angry? Want to know how Dale dealt with his confusion? Want to know what THE KINECT EXPERIENCE feels like? Check out this pro/con session, hosted by Rey Gutierrez. We may not have the hot live stream or the exclusive television presentation, but what we do have is loads of shouting and swearing. You can't put a price on that.

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OneSneakyMofo2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Watching this makes me want to punch Jim Sterling in the face even more.

Edit: Don't let this comment discrouage you from watching the video. It's still pretty funny, but when Jim took the microphone, I raged within.

El Botto2904d ago

We heard it from the bots: "it was going to be the game changer"

But this video did not lie. Even hardcore bots like Itagaki left out of the bore.

Cevapi882903d ago

wheres my F*&%ing bottle of Evian??

lmao...hes goona declare jihad on MS...that had me laughing

callahan092903d ago

Really? This was the first time I think I ever actually understood Jim's sense of humor. I liked his reaction the most out of this whole video. I may just read his articles with a new enlightenment now that I've heard his delivery first-hand.

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omni_atlas2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

"A flowery gorilla led a trump elephant carrying young indiana jones to climb a rock that was also a Xbox 360 logo.

if that doesn't sell consoles, I don't know what fucking will."


Video of the show: (skip to 41s)

Ace Killa 082903d ago

not much showing but better than a fat man saying how stupid it was with out actually knowing what happened.

Bhai2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

So, you like a video better that shows nothing and says nothing but instead a bunch of neon lights and giant screens heh heh, you can get that in any shopping mall these days you know!

What I get from you is actually your thoughts saying:
"not speaking about it is better... just see clips and snippets and pretend its good"

Well mista Ace, its no longer a secret now, its fully revealed how MS screwed at the show, so a fat man, thin man or scat-man john saying it sucks are all equal... MS crewed big-time and it includes fakery as well, and we all know it never gets remained unpunished heeheehee ;) websites are all over it.

Christopher2903d ago

Jim Sterling went all WWE/WWF there for a moment with the way he was talking about Kinect.

Millah2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

MS is trying way too hard, wrong place wrong time for that kind of circus show. Media Event should have been more mindblowing in order to get the press writing positive things about your new hardware launch. I don't understand MS sometimes, they just never seem to "get" it.

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Hallmark Moment2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

I must admit I thought Microsoft was going to only focused on Kinect with little show. I guess I have to wait until later this morning. Then again Microsoft never said it was anything else. That Fat fucer was funny.

omni_atlas2904d ago

hahhaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO.

omni_atlas2904d ago

"Kinect, thats a shit name"


Microsoft Xbox 3602904d ago

This pretty much sums up Project Natal, errr I mean Kinect. LMAO

SOAD2904d ago

How come you write the way one would speak? Do you not realize that you could delete the part where you said Project Natal?

Or is that supposed to be a joke?

Anyway, yeah, Kinect looks terrible. The only hope now is for Microsoft to get away from this obscure marketing and promotes Kinect's strengths, if it has any.

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