Is Sony Prepping a DVR/Google TV Annoucement with NEW SKU’s?

PS Unlimited Writes: As many of you may have heard by now, according to CVG , Sony has two possible new SKU's on the way which includes both a 250GB and a 500GB PS Move bundle. On top of the added storage , the new models will also include a much faster 802.11N wireless card. While this has not been entirely confirmed, if this holds true, one must ask "Why the upgrade?"

Sony could very well be prepping future consoles for something way more involved with theses new specs , such as adding extra media functionality rather than just simply dishing out "generous" data storage space.

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Godmars2902930d ago

At the very least its going to be a $100 add-on box similar to PlayTV or Trone.

vhero2930d ago

Dunno what it is gonna be but we know they signed that deal with google months ago maybe we will see what it is this E3. Still got my fingers crossed for android or at least chrome.

morganfell2930d ago

Maybe this is the real reason they dropped Linux. Maybe Chrome will be the "Other OS".

blackbeld2930d ago

^^^ Agree most likely this will happen too compensate the remove of Other OS Linux.

darkdoom30002930d ago

Yep, Im guessing this is what the devs were meaning when they said "PlayTV 2" - Probably going to be named PlayView

Christopher2930d ago

1. Wider compatibility range
2. Cloud save games
3. Maximized video capabilities
4. Almost as cheap as lesser wireless cards anyway

It's hard to tell if this is going to go further than this, but I would love to see Google technology on my PS3, from browser, Google talk, and Buzz to their own upcoming game delivery system.

morganfell2930d ago

Cloud save games would be great. Right now I have to transfer them between my PS3s manually.

nunley332930d ago

PS3 already has google search on it so they already have the relationship with them, this would just expand their partnership. Maybe we'll get chrome browser too,that'll be great. Wireless N will make want to upgrade my 80 gb bc model as i just5 recently got wireless n router and it's alot faster from my earlier g version.

Simon_Brezhnev2930d ago

I also believe Sony and Google got a relationship between the Sony Reader and Google eBooks.

ULTIMATE_REVENGE2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

I hope Google designs a new web browser for the PS3 since Sony have already partnered with them, just imagine how sleek and fast it would be if they did.

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