Eurogamer Hands On with Vanquish

Eurogamer: "SEGA hasn't done badly out of its four-game deal with Platinum Games, certainly not in terms of variety. We've had a score-chase playground for sadists in MadWorld; Infinite Space gave us a space-RPG for obsessive-compulsives; Bayonetta is an action heroine as gloriously over-the-top and under-dressed you could possibly hope for; and Vanquish, a third-person shooter set on a space station in the grip of a future Cold War, is nothing like any of them."

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dizzleK2957d ago

sounds awesome. it's definitely going on my want list.

Rikitatsu2957d ago

" When director Shinji Mikami claimed that Vanquish looks like a shooter but feels like an action game, he wasn't wrong. Watching Sam slither past man-sized bullets with a swivel of the analogue stick and rip the limbs from an enormous boss brings back pleasant memories of Bayonetta.

Comparisons feel slightly redundant, though; Vanquish looks as entirely idiosyncratic as any of Platinum's other games. Suspicions that it's a re-skinned, Japanese Gears of War fade to nothing as soon as you slide-kick a barrier into a crowd of robots before chucking a cigarette onto the debris. "

jack_burt0n2957d ago


Kudos to you, you really are a dedicated fan, vanquish looks good.

OneSneakyMofo2957d ago

I'll have to see more videos of this game. It reminds me of Zone of the Enders though. I hope ZOE3 is announced this week.

deafwing2957d ago

but Kojima said in a recent interview over at Famitsu that he has no plans for that game (then again he enjoys messing with fans ... so who knows)

NumeroUno2957d ago

Looks interesting. I'll have to keep checking on this one.

Faztkiller2957d ago

Didn't like bayonetta much but this game sounds awesome can't wait

Paradise2957d ago

The gameplay I saw of this really looked visceral.

Bellcross2957d ago

Ahhh finally real gaming news, I'm definitely renting this game even with the bad voice acting, it still looks fun and unique.

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The story is too old to be commented.