Hooked Gamers: Our First Look at Kinect writes: "Well, tonight has certainly been an interesting night. Microsoft's Natal, sorry Kinect, event was just...really indescribable. There were rotating living rooms and weird ponchos and people dancing on ceilings and...well, it was interesting. If you want to see it for yourself, you should really just tune in to MTV's special on Tuesday at 3:30 EDT or on Nickelodeon at 9:30 EDT, if you can. I know, I'm not really sure why it's going to be on Nickelodeon, either."

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dizzleK2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

are you ready to eat your humble pie yet bots? i thought the gaming media was supposed to be shitting themselves with excitement. i've read a dozen impressions and they're all totally underwhelmed to say the least.

El Botto2958d ago

Genuine products do not need lies to move forward.

Like MOVE, if it works, it works and they wouldnt have to be afraid to show their games on it. It looks great.

But natal you know from the start to be a fake and hype. Never once did they really show you anything new and what they did show, was nothing but shame.

But still the bots capitalized on hope rather than facts.

Well, dont say we didnt told you so, fanboys.

ATLGAMER2958d ago

They will just say thye want to buy it anyway for their own impressions....Air gaiming not fun

Christopher2958d ago

I'm disappointed with the night's event, but I'm not going to say anything concrete until after tomorrow's press conference.

RedDevils2958d ago

wtf is Kinect? is it another name fro Natal, cause if it is, that is so lame it even lamer than Natal

life doomer2958d ago

I kind of feel bad for microsoft, weird.

Dramscus2958d ago

I kind of feel bad for all the people that are going to buy this thing anyway.
The device obviously can't be sold on it's own merits they had to bring in gimmicks galore to confuse people and get them interested.
Also the rumours that they pre recorded the demo. What's with that, sony has been letting journalists and consumers actually use move for a year now and M$ is still keeping it's thing under wraps.
Lastly it's bigger than an xbox controller. LOL

RedDevils2958d ago

for all the people that are excited about this motion gimmick