E3 10: Kojima Crashes Sony Blog Meetup, Brings Gifts

Tonight, as Microsoft packed the press into a small arena for an exclusive Kinect show, Sony was throwing its own party. A more... open party. The PlayStation Blog went big this year, bringing hundreds of fans into their event with promises of guests, prizes, and a good amount of swag. They did not disappoint.

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captain-obvious2658d ago

I wish I was there with my MGS collection to get it signed up by him
well maybe some other time

ThanatosDMC2657d ago

Yeah, PW is awesome! When the credits roll... the story mode is still not over. There's still another chapter but you'll have to do any Extra Ops to unlock it and complete ZEKE.

Umb2658d ago

Or from your attached image, that sure as hell does not look like a 1:1 representation of what your avatar response to your movement or gesture.

If you look at the person's arm in the air from the elbow and compare it his avatar it leads to me to believe that either Kinetics is really laggy or not very accurate, or that the person was overly excited and kind of forgot about the script his supposed to stick to.

SOAD2657d ago

Correct. The angles do not match up.

Godmars2902657d ago

Likely recorded for the performance, not as any attempt at smoke and mirrors.

Not that people wont come to that conclusion...

beardpapa2657d ago

maybe that guy is one of the cirque de soleil performers

morganfell2657d ago

Thanks for starting off my morning with a bang. It's 430 and coffee just about shot out my nose with that last statement. That is worth a bubble.

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dizzleK2658d ago

wait....why wasn't kojima at the kinect unveiling? i thought he was a big supporter of it?

lol it keeps getting better.

ThatCanadianGuy2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Kojima doesn't associate himself with failure.

Edit below: Oh blaze, you make it too easy for me..
^ wears the bitter frown of a disappointed man.
^ Meanwhile, smiling and posing with fans at the Sony Meet up.
Why do you think he left the natal thing? Failure makes Kojima sad :(

Blaze9292658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Hmm? That's funny:



But he wasn't at the event right?


Did you even read the article? He was waiting to get in side. I dunno about you buy I don't go around smiling and cheesing waiting in lines.

Slammed with disagrees for providing facts? He was at the event - who gives a flying fuck. You're wrong you're wrong. You pick a photo of him waiting to get in like and say he was disappointed then chose a photo of him taking a PICTURE with a smile and say he was happy? it's a photo - you're supposed to smile!

This site's maturity level is atrocious.

Mu5afir2658d ago

He bounced, so he didn't fail. =D

OneSneakyMofo2658d ago

Kojima was sitting next to CheapyD at the event. He was just lolling on the inside at Microsoft methinks.

Bellcross2658d ago

He snucked out lol, after all he's the creator of the most popular stealth game for a reason lol.

Kevin ButIer2658d ago

Itagaki with his white poncho and hardcore style makes me ROFL

AridSpider2658d ago

"Why do you think he left the natal thing? Failure makes Kojima sad :( "

He left? Early or something? Or left because it was over? Got links that say that information to back up your statements like Blaze did or are you just posting random bullshit and getting your sony fanboy crew to hit agree for you?

You and dizzleK say he wasn't there then you say he actually was but was disappointed? rofl.

Dragun6192658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )


Yeah, But kojima probably left before the presentation even started. I mean, Itagaki left too as soon as he went inside.

Ask Rayn Geddes form IGN, He called it the highlight that evening.

Maybe they're just not interested in motion controls? That or Kojima Just has true Stealth abilities to go to both events at the same time.

Rainstorm812657d ago

I agree blaze he clearly was at both events but disagrees and the truth walk hand in hand on N4G sometimes. But i gotta say this unveiling of Kinect seems uninteresting to alot of the people who formerly were excited for it.

Come on 420 in one pic he is bored to tears in line & the other he's posing for a pic.

+bubbles for the laughs tho

JD_Shadow2657d ago

No one is denying that he was there. That's not what anyone is saying. They said that he spent a few minutes there, thought better of it, and left before the mess was over. No one is saying that he was a no-show.

DaBadGuy2657d ago

They should have rolled out a Kinetic box at the PSBlog party, boos all around. Then Kojima would pop out from under it and say, "I just flew in from the Kinetic event, and boy are my arms tired!" Lols all around.

morganfell2657d ago

Even Itagaki was thinking, "Damn, this white poncho I wore is too conservative for the crap going on here."

Look, MS wants tight security. Got it. But when you show nothing that night, nothing to wet the appetitie then I have to say that you have very little juice. MS is going to promise a bunch of titles but I think is going to bomb. This doesn't look good.

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BYE2658d ago

He was probably bored, just like Itagaki and all the others.

Microsoft Xbox 3602658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

A man like Kojima wouldn't be caught dead in that spaceponcho cult looking wardrobe.

PirateThom2658d ago

Hideo Kojima out of f'ing nowhere.

Otheros002658d ago

Now you wish you would of went to this instead of the nata.. I mean the Kinect show.

jack_burt0n2658d ago

I hope the guy who camped out for 2 days got his all access pass :) he deserves lots of free stuff!

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