Demonstration games for Kinect

Appeared in the first film showing described by us in the morning for Kinect productions. Video takes slightly over a minute and shows how you can play with this device.

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Iamback2899d ago

At least dont let white folks dance for dance game presentation

vhero2899d ago

OH dear for all those who were worried you would look like a fool while playing games on Kinect goto 0:20... You will..

stacjakulturapl2899d ago

It will be possible to jump :D

DarkFinalGod2899d ago

Kinect: It only does pre-recorded videos.
lol now now boys dont get upset im sure there will be a game where i will run on the walls and $h** (prince of persia) in my small room lol

V3N0M2899d ago

Out of sync and choreographed actors.

Equinoxe_72899d ago

It have to be better than that, call it what you like, Kinect.

Bhai2899d ago

Yup, a whole year of 'em :)

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