Lag, skepticism mar Cirque du Soleil/Project Natal event

Gamepro "The debut of Microsoft's full body motion controller, now dubbed Kinect instead of Natal, was a spectacle of multimedia performance art and audience participation. Technical issues and a sullen audience, however, dampened the effect we think Microsoft was going for."

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dizzleK2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

the consensus seems to be that this went over like a wet fart at a funeral.

edit-maybe now the hyperbole will die and we can get down to brass tacks such as "will i need to rearrange my living room to use it?"

PirateThom2954d ago

Yes, no one predicted that. All I kept hearing was "wait for E3" and here's E3 and what? No one cares about it.

HolyOrangeCows2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

An entire conference dedicated to it, and it didn't particularly impress anyone.
It was an utter disaster.

Oh, and we waited an entire year for Microsoft to create the magical fix where the lag would be corrected, that so many people were talking about.....still waiting.

Rainstorm812954d ago

Cliffy B was

I think its starting to become clear why they weren't showing it, its not for us the people its for wont know about it until Friday when the NYtimes and Washington Post are giving it all the Kudos.

A change in the wind2954d ago

I wouldn`t call it a disaster, it was just an extremely underwhelming showing of potentially the most overhyped gaming accessory of all time. Ok, it was a disaster.

Microsoft Xbox 3602954d ago

General consensus say this was the most ridiculous event ever.

El Botto2954d ago

Although I doubt that this is actually news we didnt know beforehand. Rofl.

ThanatosDMC2954d ago

They had to use a ton of distractions so that their audience wont see the lag.

PirateThom2954d ago

But seriously, wait until E3.

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ClownBelt2954d ago

" this went over like a wet fart at a funeral"

Wait..wha??? Lol

SOAD2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Dry farts go over better. Tsk tsk. Don't you know anything about flatulence?

klado2954d ago

That made me lol like never before, My applauds and congratulations.

klado2954d ago


I can't stop lagging..I mean laughing!!!!!!!!

Jamie Foxx2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

or video recording at this event (in greenburgs words 'technology free')...alot of people said this was the reason... unfortunately it seems the naysayers were right

Christopher2954d ago

That reason is so that 1. No one could take away video from the presentation and post it online before they air it on TV and in New York; and 2. So they could have complete control over how the public viewed the event with appropriate cutting floor edits to hide anything that may not show up too well when shown to the intended audiences.

Anon19742954d ago

This isn't going over well. Gamepro isn't the only site who viewed the whole thing as a joke and were thoroughly underwhelmed by the laggy demos. We'll have to wait to hear from sites as they actually get their hands on Kinect, but this is getting off to a rather auspicious start.

So far it sounds like Sony and Nintendo may have been right in passing on this tech.

Jamie Foxx2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

on how people view the event,ms obviously know theres lag and uninspiring games at the moment they wouldnt want the public to see the event as it was..its got nothing but negative feedback...

EVILDEAD3602954d ago called it's obvious WHY you wouldn't allow the press to bring in cell phones that can obviously film the event.

Just like the article pointed out..most of the press isn't going to be wowed by live performance art and a robotic elephant..Especialy after standing for an hour.

But, that wasn't the point or the audience that matters. Unlike, what the confusion of what the gaming press experienced, the televised show will be a completely edited 30 minutes special that will only show the highlights.

It's the MTV crowd, the Nick at Nite target audience that Microsft is reaching for. Not the jaded gaming press.

As it ALWAYS was to be..the main press event is where it's at..Microsft isn't going to give away huge suprises for a bunch of the press to blog it to us.

They are wisely saving it for the live reveals at Spike, the internet, and Times Square.

We will know really soon if they succeed in that strategy


Biggest2954d ago

The questions I pose to you, and other supposed gamers is:

Do you want their strategy to succeed? We have heard from the jaded gaming journalists. We know that they speak from experience. Do you want to be advertised to? Do you want to be sold an inferior product and told how revolutionary your decision was? Do you still think that the Natal is the next big thing in gaming?

EVILDEAD3602954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

@ Biggest

Ask yourself and any 'other supposed' gamer..

Why do you want it to fail..why spend months and months bashing it when you never even played it.

You pretend they speak from experience..what experience? did they just spend an hour and a half playing Natal? nope..

They spent an hour standing in silly coats that lit up around a bunch of performance artists..all for a show that's going to be bigger than what they experienced when it all comes together on film.

In fact, all of us are going to see the same videos they did when the special people will make up their own decisions. Things happen during live telecasts all the time..doesnt mean it's an inferior product..

I'm LMAO @ your statement..'do you want to be advertised to?'?

Unless you don't get it..E3 is the biggest advertisement in video gaming..period. It's not just because Microsoft does it. It is what E3 is all about.

Why wouldn't you show your product in the best way you can?

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Mu5afir2954d ago

They did created a fix, they made sure the reports couldn't look at the players and the game at the same time.. plus they added a distraction with the circus.. Brilliant.. LOL

ravenl0rd2954d ago

I hadn't thought about that. I don't have an empty room to dance around in. :(

DigitalAnalog2954d ago

Upon watching this video:

I wonder what happens when you jerk off?

P.S. Oh and the last part of the video was IRONIC!

-End statement

Inside_out2954d ago

That explains why the PS3 community doesn't like Kinect...affects there masturbation...rather could try getting a girlfriend...

-End statement

Jaces2954d ago

Wow, I thought E3 was about games. If I knew the circus was in town I would've skipped it all together. -.-

MS your not wining any points with me.

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ThatCanadianGuy2954d ago

"This is where things got difficult for the audience -- they were not sure where to look. each of the three screens showed either the game being played or video of the family onstage doing the motion controls. The main stage, meanwhile, kept changing

turning upside down, removing and adding rotating panels containing other suspended couches with actors. During the entire demo sequence, the Cirque du Soleil performers balanced on set pieces in front of the main stage, performing short skits or dance moves -- sometimes upstaging the Kinect demos on screen. On top of all that, the flared shoulder pads in the smocks would light up or strobe during certain parts of the performance."

Sounds like a nice attempt to keep eyes off the laggy product.Well played Microsoft.Truly the masters of smoke & mirrors.

Grown Folks Talk2954d ago

for a joke? What is the world coming to? I was hoping he was Trish Stratus' brother or something.

Hallmark Moment2954d ago

The same one from years ago. His name use to be Xhi. Be basically only comments to troll with some of the most rabid piss on the site.

ArcFatalix2954d ago

man i feel sorry for u lmao

ThatCanadianGuy2954d ago

Take a good, long look at your own comment history..
And who the hell is xhi? lol

SOAD2954d ago

Hey Hallmark, how would you know anything about who CanadianGuy was years ago when according to N4G you joined the site 52 days ago?

A better question would be: who are you?

Umb2954d ago

Seems like MS has done this on purpose as a mean of diversion and to ensure that everyone present will leave with a different impression, depending on what they saw at that particular moment. It's a psychology trick in which visual and audio stimulus is applied to overload the senses to help create the illusion.

Had MS held the standard presentation where everyone is seated and there's one stage and everything is shown there, allowing the audience to concentrate on the topic at hand. Then I think MS would have been caught out and the medias impressions of Kinetics would have been a lot worse.

Arnon2954d ago

Lol what's with all the Sony fans having a shitstorm on the Kinect articles? They apparently were there to give us the exact impression that the public was experiencing.

niceguywii602954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

LOL I was going to say that. It's like they didn't even read the article or understand. Just waiting for an excuse to bash Kinect when the article is talking mostly about the show itself. They seem so threatened they are bashing a show not everybody liked which gave a glimpse of some Kinect XBLA titles, trying to paint Kinect in the same light.

etebitan2954d ago

Natal or kinetic is bond to be laggy and really really casual... i personally dont think move will be great, but i do think its gonna be better... heck so far i rather having the wii that both of this new devices..

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