VGC Top Ten: Biggest Things Spoiled Before E3

Stephen Kelley from VGchartz writes: "With the advent of the internet, Twitter, and pretty much any other technological advance in the last few years it gets harder and harder to keep secrets away from the general populace. Let’s hope that this year’s E3 has a few surprises left, and that the leaks that we’ve had are few and far between. "

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GreenRingOfLife2926d ago

Finding out you can change the color of the ball on the Move controller

I wanted that to be a suprise at E3 along with another Ridge RAcer announcement

N4GAddict2926d ago

I'm sure that could be topped

CrimsonFox132926d ago

I think The Last Guardian's trailer being leaked weeks before E3 topped that.

NastyLeftHook2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )


N4GAddict2926d ago

At least Zelda is still safe from leaks.

njguy22926d ago

Good list given E3 is 15 years old

kratos172926d ago

nah that ps3 price drop was earth shattering when it was finally announced

keysy4202926d ago

tell you the truth if a zelda type game is announced im in

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