Kinect for Xbox 360 – the experience

Scrawl: "What a night.

Tonight, Microsoft has officially unveiled Kinect, or what we used to know as Project Natal. Through the use of an honestly unnecessary Cirque du Soleil and a set of great actors, Microsoft has shown us just what Kinect can accomplish tonight."

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vx2929d ago ShowReplies(1)
PLAYstar2929d ago

Kinect = KinkAct
A gimmick for the lunatic

Moentjers2929d ago

N4G better has some extra disc space left because with the flood of articles it's gonna get ugly.

on topic: it all will depend on the developers and those already had a bad experience with the Wii. Let's hope that MS can force them to make decent games.

Halo_Reach2929d ago

i Loled so hard... this looks terrible not the device but the games... Woow...

ForzaGT2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

those clown were actually demoing the game rather then actually playing it typical M$ making us look like fool

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