So What's Inside The New Xbox 360? [Rumor]

Kotaku: It appears, going by some advertisements popping up online just before E3 kicks off, that Microsoft plans to unveil a new model of the Xbox 360. What, then, does this new console bring to the table?

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OneSneakyMofo2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Bundled with an Eye Toy 2.0, four space ponchos, a Well bam! there it is avatar, and lastly a Gabe Newell half-eaten donut. All for the low price of $450.

villevalorox2866d ago

lol. I'm sorry, that got me loling so hard XD

lol i think ima cry. XD.. lol... bubbles. lol. be nice to him guys, he was just kiddin :P

villevalorox2866d ago

BAHAHAHAHAHAH XD srry im still loling :D

deadreckoning6662866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

ROFL, I gtta give ya a bubble dude..too funny. Gtta admit, GreenRingOfLife's comments are one of the few on this site that makes me lol

@Imperator- Well, technically, he's not trolling since his comment was about the 360. This is a 360 related article. So??? Watever, I just don't understand why people take him seriously. He hasn't offended anyone or talked about anything off-topic. But hey..people like to hate right :)

Imperator2866d ago

It's obvious the guy is just trolling. Might as well just ignore it and laugh it off. No one can seriously be that dumb. At least, I hope that's the case.

beardpapa2866d ago

well if i remember, the italian banner ad shows it has a hdd and built-in wifi.

TheAwesomessMan2866d ago

Cool and if they add blu-ray it could be a ps3 from 07 launch

karl2866d ago

so much worth saving haha...

really, to damn funny to be left 4 dead with all the other 360 fanboys...

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Christopher2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

***crosses fingers that it will be compatible with current HDDs, cost only $199 for an arcade version, and most importantly will have a disc drive that is as quiet as the one I have in my PC***

@OneSneakyMofo: What do you think I'm doing? :p

@despair: I'm ambivalent to the type, as long as it doesn't sound like a jet trying to take off when I start up a disc in the damn thing.

despair2866d ago

slot load instead of tray would have been nice.

duplissi2866d ago

thats why you install the games... duh!

duplissi2865d ago

lol disagrees... so would someone tell me how installing the games to your hdd to minimize the noise/heat the disk drive makes is something bad..

necksnappa2866d ago

is getting ridiculous , what do i have to buy a new console every year.

Arnon2866d ago

What kind of complaint is this?

2866d ago
blumatt2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

It needs to have Wifi built in, especially since both of its competitors have it. lol It also needs to have a standard SATA 2.5 harddrive built inside it like the PS3 so it can be swapped out cheaply instead of paying outrageous prices for more storage capacity. And the main thing it needs is a Wii-like failure rate-- aka: next to none. Both of its competitors have shown minimal failure rates while it has, for five years, been very unreliable.

Ult iMate2866d ago

buh.. buh.. but "wi-fi isn't needed!"

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