Don't These Kinect Games Sound Awfully Familiar?

Kotaku: So the Microsoft Kinect is official, and we've seen a list of exciting new titles making their way to the Xbox 360 motion control device, but where's the innovation? Is Kinect changing the game, or delivering more of the same?

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N4GAddict2954d ago

I prefer Natal over Kinect

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NateNater2954d ago

Agreed. After one year of calling the tech Natal, it will be hard to call it Kinect.

ShinMaster2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Whow cares about the name, have you guys read the descriptions on the games!? xD
Kinect Sports
Kinect Adventures
Dance Central
Joy Ride

All of these games have been done before...

Anon19742954d ago

Forget about luring existing Wii owners. They already have these games, and Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart and Super Mario Brothers. No Wii owner is going to bother with these clones.

And as for new casuals, they can get all these games plus family friendly Mario for cheaper than a 360 and Kinect. There's no incentive for anyone to buy Kinect with these titles.

Had this come out 3 years ago, Microsoft might have had something but not now. Like I've said before, it's not about if Kinect can pull of these games or not, it's about how they stack up against the competition. As it stands right now, the Wii has a better price and more recognized games in a smaller, slimmer package.

And if you want to spend a little more, why wouldn't you get a PS3 with Move to play these types of games and get a Blu-Ray player and free online as well. I just don't think Microsoft can compete with this.

rob60212954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Don't know how well they'll lure existing wii owners, but keeping existing console owners from straying when the wii price drops they might succeed in. Well Sony has a better chance at that, considering it can do more or less everything wii can.

Seferoth752954d ago

As an actual Wii owner I am much more interested in Kinect than I am Move. Move is what I have been doing for the last 3 years and Kinect has some cool features and a lot of potential..

Did you guys see the KB poster on the side of the building? It takes 2 Move controllers for the bow. I only need one on Wii for it to work. That is just adding in even more cost for the Move and its already showing to be inferior to the Wii remote/Nunchuk.

Sorry but out of the two Kinect has a much better chance of getting me to buy it because it isnt a me too product.

mantisimo2954d ago

For the last year or 2 the 2 largest hardcore console companies have promised the world and now we are getting our first look at the tech and software titles for the latest innovative they are crap.

Oh and it doesnt matter if they are natal/Kinect or Move/blah blah blah it's not dissapointing because we all really knew all along that they would be wii shovel with a different name.

I just pray (and I really do) that no one buys either because if we do as gamers we will be losing masively the super games we are all used to playing. This is a real threat to our gaming as we know it.

Why spend money and resources on proper games when you can copy wii dance, wii bowling, wii fit, eyepet blah blah.

No I don't want either of them I want AAA games for my controller and my comfy sofa and for my free time that I work hard to have.

Please please please do not buy into this!

Seferoth752954d ago

Oh I know it dude.

Just think of all the CoD, Alan Wakes, Resistance, Killzone, Red Dead, FF, MG, God War, Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Halo games we could have played this gen until Wii sports came out and every single one of those games was canceled to make way for thousands of Wii sports clones...

Let me take you back a few years. See if this reminds you of anything

I dont need no stinking auto mobile. I got my horse and that is good enough for me.

Or this one.

You wont ever get me or the rest of the world into that thing they call TV. Who needs it. I like sitting at home and listening to the Radio while we have dinner. That thing will never replace the radio anyway.

You just like many before you are letting your ignorance of a product guide you into thinking the wrong thing.

COD on Wii uses those controls. It isnt casual. NMH uses those controls. Not casual. Lots of core games have been made to use the tech.

Either way you might as well get use to it just like the Horse people and the Radio people had to give in to better products.

If the world ran your way we would all still be using 1 button joysticks.

vhero2954d ago

They were expecting more from Kinect though?? That was there biggest mistake. The reason wii sold so much was wii sports. The wii sold millions and was constantly out of stock long before Mario even graced the console. So of course Kinect and Move versions were a given considering how popular wii sports was.

mantisimo2954d ago

The wii sells very well and as a console and concept it is fine, and the software is what you would expect on the wii it's the only way Ninty could have gone and surprisingly it has done very very well for them.

I'm not blaming sony or microsoft as a business, a business is there after all to make money, BUT I am thiking with my game head on and I do not want to lose or reduce the AAA non motion controller games we love and expect and I certainly don't want any compromises to try and keep both camps happy while losing the quality we ALL deserve.

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dizzleK2954d ago

the world premiere should have grabbed core gamers with halo, action games, shooters, explosions, something. this demo is what will be aired on tv. this is the face that ms is putting on this product. it's mom, dad, grandma, sis, not you. there may be a bone or 2 thrown your way but kinect is not for you. ms has already shown that tonight. wake up.

GamerSciz2954d ago

You are right. Microsoft is looking to hit the wider general audience with this Natal/Kinect idea but by doing so they are trying to over hype it when they should be hyping up their big AAA titles like Halo Reach, Alan Wake, Gears of War 3, Crackdown 2, and as you pointed out, just show explosions, craziness and mayhem from those games. Show Natal/Kinect on the show floor, but leave it out of premieres and your press conference.

You know MS is going to have a big chunk of having stupid people looking more dumb up on the stage showing off new Natal/Kinect features/games.

Lou-Cipher2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Hey Microsoft,

You are obligated to the 40+ Million hardcore gamesrs that own your console, not the 75+ Million Casual Wii owners.(I understand the need to appeal to a wider audience, but to cut the amount of hardcore games down to a trickle so they can take some of Wii's thunder is bull$hit) I am furious at how much they are abandoning thier user base again.

We are going to see less & less Xbox games, and a whole lot more Wii games on our 360's.

Man, I hope these new Motion controls fail.

ShinMaster2954d ago

So what you're saying is you're buying Kinect?

EVILDEAD3602954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

True 360 fans know they are having their best year ever..

last year they bashed the 360 first half..

This year you got Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, and Splinter Cell on top of FFXIII, Red Dead Redemption, etc.

Now you have the top 3 360 franchises of All time back-to-back Halo Reach, Fable 3, and Gear of War 3

Not to mention Fallout 3, Crysis 2, and Call of Duty: Black ops

But this is negated by the fact that young kids and families can bowl and play a light saber game?

I love how everyone is REACHING to find ANYTHING wrong with this thing..when they don't HAVE to buy it..

I don't EVER plan on playing some 'Dance' game...but I'd be naive to believe it's not good business when games like 'Just Dance' does big numbers..

At the end of the day, the FEAR is that Microsft will really start pushing some real numbers..who knows how the wind will blow this holiday


Imperator2954d ago

Most of the games you listed are multiplats. Compare that to PS3 this year

Heavy Rain,
God of War 3,
Modnation Racers,
3D Dot Heroes,
Yakuza 3

The 360 has had a better year, but it's not that much better. Now, MS confirms that their focus is casual gamers. They don't have focus. Instead of supporting the consumers who already bought a 360, they're trying to take Nintendo's fanbase.

The fact is, Nintendo's brand is far stronger. Mario is bigger than just about anything. The Wii isn't just casual games, it's Mario and other Nintendo classics. That's something MS doesn't have.

EVILDEAD3602954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

@ Imperator

Most of the games you listed are multiplats. Compare that to PS3 this year

Heavy Rain,
God of War 3,
Modnation Racers,
3D Dot Heroes,
Yakuza 3

Now, MS confirms that their focus is casual gamers. They don't have focus. Instead of supporting the consumers who already bought a 360, they're trying to take Nintendo's fanbase. got it Microsft AND Sony are trying to expand their audience..period..end of story

To make it already have the HARDCORE audience on lock..why wouldn't expand to the total family and sell a whole lot more of your console..that's good business

But, again, the weakest argument against the motion controls is that Microsft is abandoning the hardcore.

But THE facts are in 2010 they have released their strongest line-up in history with it's BIGGEST hardcore titles

This isnt some silly PS3 vs Micrsoft list battle..I'm talking as 360 owner period.

I bought Heavy Rain and Gow 3 day one..amazing games..but if you want to pretend that 360 owners aren't having a great year because the PS3 released Yakuza 3, 3dot heroes, and Mod Nation racer..then have at it..great games are on both systems

They released Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell, and Alan Wake..those a big titles for the first half

Followed by Halo Reach, Fable 3, and Gears 3 coming back to simply doesnt get better than that for the 360 period

Not to mention you have multi-plats titles (like the Call of Duty franchise) that do HUGE numbers on the 360

As for your Nintendo comments..of course they have a storied history..but mario isn't going to stop millions of people from buying Halo Reach on day one and enjoying it online for years to come and vice versa

So how are they unfocused again? How are they not catering to their install base again?

Simply untrue


Lou-Cipher2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Point is

If Microsoft is making more Casual games, then that means that they will have to make less hardcore games. Its really that simple.

Yes the 360 had a decent lineup of hardcore games in 2010, but Natal isn't out yet. Ask yourself this. How many hardcore games aren't getting made right now because of Natal? how many hardcore titles got canceled or delayed because of Natal?

All those 360 games you listed have been in development well before Natal was even a thought in Microsofts head.

The more succesful Natal becomes, the less succesfull harcore will be in the future.

If Microsoft has alot less hardcore games in 2011 than they did in 2010 (and we all know they will) then it is very fair to say that they are (in a very big way) abandoning their current userbase.

If you cant see that Microsoft is in the process of turning their back on us again, then I feel sorry for you.

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jack who2954d ago

cuzz move doesnt have a bowling game

PirosThe4th2954d ago

at least its more bowling because move at least has a ball on top :D

Kinetic bowling would be with no ball! ... I see people throwing balls at the TV and breaking it xD

jack who2954d ago

good that means i dont have too worry bout hitting my hdtv with sumthin

KILLERAPP2954d ago

People need to wait till tomorrow...

mantisimo2954d ago

NO, they don't. Nor Tuesday either.

hazelamy2954d ago

i quite like the name myself, i cann see the thinking behind the name, connect and kinetic.
just a shame about the games.

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