Rumor: Kinect Coming Earlier Than Expected

A plushy of all things may reveal some early information on the release of Kinect.

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njguy22834d ago

We'll know whether its a hit or miss in three months then? The buzz here at E3 is it will flop...but we'll see.

Christopher2834d ago

I'm surprised they kept 'Natal' on those stuffed animal tags. You'd think they would have put Kinect on it to push the new name more.

As far as coming earlier than expected? I think it's possible if they plan on releasing based on when their packaged casual games are ready and letting third-parties roll out with their releases afterward.

Mu5afir2834d ago

Another rushed product? Trying to beat the PS Move to the market.
At least make sure it doesn't fail, or break this time Microsoft.

jakethemuss2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

due to being rushed out to fast.

N4GAddict2834d ago

I can't see anything. The picture is too compressed.

naznatips2834d ago

It's not compressed at all, just right click, view image.

Tony-A2834d ago


People expected this to get released in 2011 or something? I expected it to launch in October or November.

And to be fair, it says "Natal", which suggests that it really might be outdated. I predict a launch in October or November.

naznatips2834d ago

Yes, but it has a K on its foot for Kinect and a K on the other side of the tag to scan the stuffed animal into the game.

Braineater24482834d ago

Ohhh wow. Nice. Too bad nothing hardcore is coming out for it.

Duke_Silver2834d ago

hope they don't get into the funk that plagues the Wii at times...all rail shooters and such...

OneSneakyMofo2834d ago

They aren't even going to go with an on rails shooter. They got stuck with an on rails lightsaber game, LOL.

Ult iMate2834d ago

Rail shooters require the precision and response Kinetic doesn't have.

cossie1232834d ago

we cant really say that until the e3 press conference im sure they will have something for the hardcore gamer.

but to be honest this is the sort of thing that i would buy so that my kids can play and have fun with

its all about fun

TheAwesomessMan2834d ago

Hmm what happen when brought out the 360 early hmmmm.....
well anyway if it is done and and they tested it out and its ok then by all means do it. (Someone is going to tell me the headstart gave the 360 a good lead completely neglecting thr other thing watch O0__0O)

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