Kotaku's First Look At Natal's Star Wars, Sports Games (And Minority Report Menus)

Following tonight's Cirque du Soleil performance in Los Angeles, Microsoft gave us a first look at many of Kinect's first titles, most of which we'd never seen before.

Most promising may well be a Star Wars game, developed by Microsoft and Lucasarts, that features controller-free lightsaber duels, complete with force powers like "force push".

Kinect Sports, the most obvious clone of a Wii title, includes beach volleyball (which has Xbox Live multiplayer), bowling, hurdles, javelin and soccer.

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N4GAddict2961d ago

Star Wars have potential

Conloles2961d ago

Yeah well Star Wars was supposed to have potential on Wii and look how that turned out.

beardpapa2961d ago

according to Engadget, the starwars lightsaber movements were scripted events.

"The Star Wars game was pretty badass-looking -- you play a Jedi, rushing down stormtroopers and deflecting laser bolts left and right, wielding a few Force powers, and confronting a certain deep-voiced Sith Lord for a one-on-one duel. Based on the gestures and action we saw, though, it was a pretty heavily scripted experience. Still, there's no scripting a two-handed light saber grip, and that particular action looked like everything we've ever wanted in a Star Wars game."

still pretty cool though

Cueil2961d ago

the force powers would be pretty intuitive

niceguywii602961d ago

Just a taste, it was reported that there will be 15 Kinect games shown tomorrow or during the course of E3.

Tony-A2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

.... so then what was the point of having a 2 hour long (or 1:30, I forgot) conference about Kinect if you weren't going to show all the games for it? This whole time, I thought one conference about "Natal" was going to be about everything Natal-like, and the actual E3 one was going to be about hardcore titles.

I guess this one was more about getting attention (didn't mean that in a bad way, people, calm down).

Arnon2961d ago

The point of this conference was to officially unveil the final (or near final) version of "Project Natal" (remember, it always had the project in it).

seij5552961d ago

And thats a good thing how?

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Obama2961d ago

lol failed ad. Who wants to playing a racing game with no actual steering wheel? seriously.

PirosThe4th2961d ago

Do you know why thy could go with them holding something?

Well... There is a patent that Sony made with the point was to grab any item and the PlayStationEye was suppose to turn that item into a "tool" to use in the game.

Well... Sony didn't really use that patent in the end but still has the right to it...
So Kinetic games cannot do that because they will be a massive lawsuit up on M$ ass....

Have fun playing with invisible steering wheels and swords and guns...

Like Kevin Butler would say "peew.. peew... peew.. BUAHAHAH!"

Seriously... Only good thing about it would be the fighting games that's it...

Arnon2961d ago

You do know that's not a real commercial for Kinect, right? Here's the original:

FragMnTagM2961d ago

Read the article about kinectimals. In it, it says that it has a virtual hand that pets the animal on the screen that acts as your hand. Sounds the same to me and I haven't heard of any lawsuits yet.

cmacdonald2961d ago

Tomorrow we may see some live gameplay and some playable demos for the press. Nobody should get too excited or disappointed about anything just yet.

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