Microsoft Ruins Cirque Du Soleil

Adam Biessener: "Cirque du Soleil tickets go for what, $80? I wish I were exaggerating when I say that you would've had to pay me more than that to go to Microsoft's embarrassing Kinect (nee Project Natal) event.

I was all jazzed up to see the lauded performance group do their thing, even if it was in service to a larger corporate marketing agenda. What I didn't expect was to have Cirque du Soleil's indisputable creativity subsumed almost entirely by Microsoft's message."

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BubbleSystemSuck2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

sound like a nintendo fanboy.

nintendo dint create the Box... or Table Tennis..
why Move or Natal or Kinect cant make their games?

TheAwesomessMan2959d ago

Because it's UNoriginal. Innovation is cool but if it ain't awesome it ain't cool.

Godmars2902959d ago

Naw, pretty sure Cirque Du Soleil ruined themselves a long time ago/never good in the first place.

Should probably be thinking MS for helping us realize that...

BRG90002959d ago

You probably haven't seen it then. Go to a show in Vegas, it's really awesome.

I wouldn't mind if they said no to corporate gigs though...

yewles12959d ago

BAH!!! Ka is the only good one left.

Lou-Cipher2959d ago

Just saw Viva Elvis Cirque Du Soleil(City Center in Vegas) this past Friday night, and it was pretty cool. Im not a big fan of Cirque Du Soleil, but they do have a few exciting factors.

Ace Killa 082959d ago

realy off topic but i did see the show KA when i went to vegas and i do have to say that was an amazing show, so yea see a show in vegas then come back and say they are not good .

Christopher2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I've seen Quidam, La Nouba, and "O" and they were all better than what I've seen anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere. I will admit that they have expanded very far for the type of entertainment they provide and a few of the shows don't live up to the more relevant ones at Disney and Las Vegas, but they're far from ruined.

ClownBelt2959d ago

Without any kind of feedback from the game to the player, the feeling is not authentic.

blumatt2959d ago

You're right man. The Move has vibration and you at least feel some kind of tactile response. The Natal needs some kind of peripheral like the Move and WiiMote to give the player a connection to the game.

DaCajun2959d ago

If they did add some kind of peripheral then they would look like bigger fools for going back on what they had originally promised of a controllerless motion control. I bet they are wishing they could go back in time and reverse that.

ThanatosDMC2959d ago

Power glove time! Wait... scratch that... Power Suit time!

PirosThe4th2959d ago

I know what natal would absolutely need...

But if I tell you M$ will steal he idea XD!!

Ingram2959d ago

Can microsoft steal miracles now? /jk

StarScream4Ever2959d ago

Can't wait to hear from the press when they get their hands on it tmr.

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