Kinect Isn't As Big As You Think It Is

Kotaku: With its long, lean body, people have long assumed Micrsoft's Kinect would be enormous. But don't worry. It's not.

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-Alpha2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

I never thought that it was big...Question is, where do I put this thing? Can't balance it on top of my TV, can I? The bottom base looks circular.

Nike2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Maybe the subliminal message Cirque du Soleil wanted to send was that we should develop the sense of balance necessary to balance it on our hands and feet.

My god, that's the saddest joke I ever made. D:

El Botto2808d ago

that they called it the "game changer". The revolution as they called it.

The turning point for MS.

Of course, that was before they saw that hilarious video of the family jumping around...

Now its suddenly "never considered to be big".

Fanboys are hilarious.

OneSneakyMofo2808d ago

I'd rather it be long than thick like that. It has the potential to fall off your TV stand if your TV has a swivel at the bottom (which mine does). I can barely fit the Wii sensor bar there.

Godmars2902808d ago

Probably has a sticky patch for the bottom. That or you can always use Velcro.

Milamber2808d ago

Perhaps it doesn't need to go on top.

Rumor2808d ago

thats what she said..teehee :3

AHEM *fixes tie* but the uhm dimensions suggest that the kinect can as a matter of fact be placed in a subordinate fashion apex the television set.

Philaroni2808d ago

I had the same question, not sure what your going to do if your TV is on your wall or something. Not sure if you need the cam to be strait on or what. Lots of questions I want answered on this subject. I see many users just not able to get it due to TV set up and the location of their Xbox. Move will have the same challenge with the PS Cam.

Hanif-8762808d ago

I'm gonna put it on my new redesigned Xbox360 with built-in WiFi :-)

beardpapa2808d ago

Well it appears half the size of a 360 controller and as long as a wiimote. I suppose it's like putting a wiimote at the base of a tv or on top of it.

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N4GAddict2808d ago

It's pretty thick tho...

White-Sharingan2808d ago

thats what she said?

On-topic: I do agree, it looks rather thick, before it looked long.

niceguywii602808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

I never thought it was big either it's just the shape of it has a wider footprint. All I know is this thing is very slick looking.

I never would have guessed it was not much longer than a 360 controller is wide and not much thicker than the original XBL camera.



Because he was trolling the Cliffy B. Kinect article with an attack on Cliffy and I replied with a link of my own, he's been doing it ever since.

NastyLeftHook2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )



Nike2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

What is your problem? Why are you stalking him through every single thread?


Wow, that's real mature of him. :|

Tony-A2808d ago

It's super thick, but it's not that lengthy, which I guess is nice.

They should have just made it skinner but long so it can go on top of TVs. Kinect has a round-like base and I think it would definitely benefit from being longer instead. Perhaps it would have given it a bigger camera view.

FragMnTagM2808d ago

Not the length right? LOL

halojunkie2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

bubbles hook.

niceguywii360 he isnt following you, your paranoid.

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