Dreary dis-Kinect must up its game

CVG: Microsoft's starling lack of innovation and ambition with Kinect software will hamstring their core aim - but can be remedied.

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N4GAddict2960d ago

It will come down to pricing.

blu_yu_away2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

I've actually been giving this some thought myself. I think it will in a sense, but not so much the individual price of natal itself. With the rumors of Natal releasing at a price point as high as $150 everyone began saying how it'll be a failure. For those who already have the system, yes it will fail at that price. But who already owns 360s? Gamers... It's becoming increasingly clear that MS has no intention of capturing the hardcore with this device.

They want to sell this to people who do not already own 360's so it will come down to an affordable bundle, or their ability to make the bundle appear affordable. So why not release it at $150 standalone? With these games the hardcore aren't likely to adopt it anyway, even if it was under $100. Also, it will certainly give a console bundle the appearance of value. And one thing is certain, MS is going to market the absolute hell out of this thing and shove it down our throats every chance they get. And when a marketing hype machine gets rolling, the masses can flock like the sheep they are.

Scott6672960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Edit: Never mind. I messed up my post. Please ignore this.

dizzleK2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

good article.

"How can you 'broaden' an audience when you haven't captured one in the first place?"

well said. like was stated in the article, the wii wasn't immediately and cynically targeted at grandma from day 1 the way this thing is.

it's gonna be a disaster for you "hardcore" gamers. wake up. ms has ALREADY shown they want grandma, not you. the world premiere should have had halo, action games, shooters out the know, the shit that actually appeals to xbox fans. THIS is what will be aired on tv for the public to see, not the games that you want to play on it. they'll be squirreled away in a corner and only people like us will know about them. if this is successful core gamers are out the door like yesterdays garbage. wake up.

ArcFatalix2960d ago

they are the true champions of the gaming industry, sony forever, this is what i hate about microsodt. bring on the gaames sony we love you

SnukaTheMan2960d ago

>>>>wait a mean you was serious.......yikes...I agree with tigersnake..its all about price now....lowest one wins.

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HyperBear2960d ago

Now I know why J. Allard quit...

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