Game Informer: Microsoft Kinectimals Impressions

Gameinformer: "I returned from the strangest video game-related event of my life, and now I'm going to write about rubbing virtual cats with Microsoft Kinect. During Microsoft's Cirque Du Soleil event tonight in Los Angeles, a young girl demonstrated a virtual pet game featuring a fully interactive tiger cub."

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N4GAddict2683d ago

The name alone makes me cringe.

villevalorox2683d ago

is there a video of this fn show! I want a good funny video to watch.. Looks like is going to have fun! :D .. lol no but being 4real.. I want to watch this thing, I hear it was fukin crazy odd.

Imperator2683d ago

Are 360 fans still supporting this? What does it take for you guys to open your eyes and see the big picture? This is ridiculous.

hazelamy2683d ago

i think you spoiled several millions of people's comments by posting that before they got to. :)

SonyNGP2683d ago

I like it.
It's a nice game.
-blank paragraph-

Arnon2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Well, actually reading the article, the game apparently responds incredibly well. I'm still not going to get it, though. Also, the name Kenictimals is a little intimidating. It makes the animals sound like horrible creations of science.

dizzleK2683d ago

wheres pedobear when you need him?

milo,'s pedo bait.

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