E310: Project Natal Experience Impressions

Ripten: "Yo, its Range here. Just got back to my crib in downtown LA, just a few miles from USC campus where the Project Natal Experience was held at the Galen Center and, well, what an experience it was.

The show started off really slow at first, with Xbox 360 staff handing us silky white ropes with shoulder pads in them. My first initial reaction was “what the f*ck?”. As we all entered the auditorium, the first thing you had to notice was the jungle-like theme that Microsoft had set up and the Cirque du Soleil performers all dressed up like an Amazonian tribe. The auditorium was also set up with three massive screens that had the Xbox 360 avatars hanging in their own little jungle. These screens were eventually used to show off the gameplay."

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dizzleK2960d ago

that's what your $50 a year funds, not games, not better servers, not 256 player online games, not mmos.....friggen raincoats and robot elephants. bravo.

N4GAddict2960d ago

Good thing Kinect is optional

Conloles2960d ago

Cya hardcore games this is the end of the console hardcore market for a while. Youll get bulk casual games and one or two hardcore games a year, thank god for PC's.

UltraNova2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Wow wow wow!!! Consoles did you just force me into agreeing with u????


Dont worry dude get a PS3 plus your PC and you are covered ;)

El Botto2960d ago

we were told by the fanboys to wait till E3...

Did we got lied to again?

OneSneakyMofo2960d ago

If Kinect and Move are going the casual route, I think the video game industry will take a turn for the worse. I'm all for innovation, but if it's going to push nothing but casual games out with the occasional hardcore game, count me out.

Chitown712912960d ago

Did this count as one of Microsoft's conferences....or were this just like a preview to Kinect (Cool name not buyin it......but cool name)

Christopher2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

***that's what your $50 a year funds, not games, not better servers, not 256 player online games, not mmos.....friggen raincoats and robot elephants. bravo. ***

Actually, that was funded by the $14.6 billion profit from OS sales in the last quarter :p

As to the article? I respect the author's enthusiasm and honesty and I am glad that people were able to enjoy the event for what it was, but ask that s/he have someone do some copy editing of the material prior to publishing if possible in the future.

@Chitown71291: That was the Kinect conference. Microsoft has one more tomorrow. On Tuesday they will be re-airing the Kinect event on TV and various other locations.

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seij5552960d ago

This article is full of shit, multiple journalists have already stated that the Star wars minigame footage was pre-rendered and fake. A lot of the demonstrations were also pre animated just like last e3.

Dellis2960d ago

MS is doomed, this is horrible



ThanatosDMC2960d ago

Andy used to be one big giant 360 fanboy too.

Bigpappy2960d ago

Prepare for some expected, and a crap load of un-expected. E3 FTW!

2960d ago
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