E3 2010: Kinect Lawsuit Waiting To Happen? Kinect Sounds A Lot Like Kinetic...

Ironstar: We understand the lingo with Microsoft's Kinect (formerly Project Natal), their goal is to unite families under their Kinect motion sensing camera. We all can understand why Microsoft chose the name Kinect; however, I don't know if Sony will remain quiet about the situation.

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Another One2959d ago

I don't see Sony doing anything. And don't you think MS would do their homework when it comes to naming something?

qface642959d ago

kinect will get lots of lawsuits not because of the name but just because there is always someone waiting to get royalties (patent trolls)

OneSneakyMofo2959d ago

I agree, man. The patent system is so overly complicated and vast that you have to spend a crapload of money to have people search through it if you want to steer clear of lawsuits. Most companies, however, just settle with the patent trolls for a couple of million.

Honest though, it's pointless, but it's just something else the government can tax us for.

Conloles2959d ago

Thats why MS bought 3DV for the patents so theyre safe on that front, wishful thinking from Ironstar

SasanovaS19872959d ago

a little bit of weed with some hennessy, will get me ready to set it with kinetic energyyyyy

basicsameh5142959d ago

kinect..kinetic they sound similar but there is no need for a lawsuit sony licensed kinetic not kinect no need for a lawsuit pointless article trying to stir up things

Michael-Jackson2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Knex are old!...oh wait.

A change in the wind2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

After the Kinect event, I`d say a lawsuit is the least of Microsoft`s worries right about now.

labwarrior2959d ago

He have not seen any games yet, so keep dreaming

vx2959d ago

good morning.. you have alot to catch

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