Kinect set for November launch

Microsoft has confirmed that Kinect will launch at retail this year in November.

The controllerless input device – previously known as Natal – was given its final moniker at a dazzling pre-E3 event.

Microsoft has yet to put in detail its launch plans for the device – though typically if it isn’t a global launch in November then Kinect will likely be released in the US first and Europe shortly after.

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Conloles2684d ago

Who cares this thing sucks just like Move, way to kill hardcore gaming

Jamie Foxx2684d ago

i doubt sony have killed hardcore gaming,despite this i hate motion controls

MisterNiwa2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Since I'm no raging fanboy who needs to prove anything, I'll just say...

If you dont know the hardcore titles then, well, keep your eyes closed and your ears plugged and keep on believing Move has no Hardcore support.

Oh and as addition, I never said I'm not a Fanboy.

El Botto2684d ago Show
lagoonalight2684d ago

Totally dude, while I have nothing against M for games they just don't innovate and there is NO argument. Natal to me looks like huge failure where I will buy move day one just because I liked the Wii I just didn't like its titles and sold soon after I played its best games. Move will be a solid success how could it not be?

gaffyh2684d ago

I actually am considering getting SOCOM 4 with move, because it actually looks decent. Can't say the same about Kinect really, but I'm glad MS showed some more games, and as I expected, most of them are on rails.

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kws10652684d ago

right after the Sony conference where MOVE price will be shown.

Simple strategy.

morganfell2684d ago

They won't price it yet. They are afraid too many people will jump to Sony. There is also the rumor that Move may be launching sooner than thought and that likely also has MS worried. Well, that and the fact Kinect doesn't work.

vhero2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

2 months after MOVE.. That's brave..

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Cartesian3D2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

look at this link..

and the real source is XboX myspace :

Hyrius2684d ago

Sony will save the video game industry at their conference.

Jazz41082684d ago

The video game industry does not need saving. Ms and Sony both see the success of the wii and they want some of that business. Its very simple to see and no MS nor Sony are going to stop catering to the hardcore they are going to try to appeal to even more people so please stop bashing one another and enjoy your game x and I or you can enjoy your game too. There's room for competition and it just means gaming as a whole is better because of it.

ape0072684d ago

is straight out fanboyism, where Jazz4108's was rational and well written

and LoooL @ the agrees\disagrees ratio above woooow, yes the sea is black, this is the it work

I hope commentators in here grow up be as good as n4g itself

mrv3212684d ago

Isn't it ironic the amount of hype that died in a period of less than 5 hours. Lot's of people where excited about Natal... it's possibilities they said. Just wait for the show, Microsoft will show FPS's and loads of stuff.

We actually ended up with an on rails game and wii games... so yeah. Get real people, don't fall for the hype.

Fishy Fingers2684d ago

Sweet. Natal and move releasing at the end of the year, just in time for the horde of top titles that don't require them. I don't see myself putting that pad down anytime soon :)

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